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Anyone's Baby on Prednisolone

Oct 22, 2009 ... I also give him fish oil,now cod liver oil, which has helped to reduce the weazing bouts. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...

Anyone Use "Duet DHA" Prenatal Vits??

It says on the website that I will need to take additional calcium and magnesium , that seems weird. i called the company and the fish oil comes from ...

Does Omega-3 Vitamins Really Help?

In my research I have found that Krill fish oil capsules are the the best to ..... I have been given my 3 year-old daughter fish oil for more than a year. ...

Prenatal Vitamins

... a prescription I like prima care It has all the new stuff like omega 3 amino fatty acids and the fish oil stuff they are saying everyone needs when they ...

Prenatal Vitamin

We also have a phenomenal fish oil. Only 2 pills to reach the ... Prenatal Omega -3 provides fatty acids from fish oil to help support the healthy cognitive ...

Eczema Nightmare

I also take a fish oil supplement by Carlson that is lemon flavored. I take two teaspoons a day when I have an outbreak. Also, when I do have an outbreak I ...

How to cure itchy head after cradle cap on infant?

Jun 6, 2009 ... I took her to the doctor and she put her on fish oil supplements and it cleared up. Tastes nasty but we would sneak it in her bottles. ...

7 Year Old Has Scalp Issues

I also use a fish oil supplement to keep my scalp from getting super dry. I hope this helps! And I hope your daughter gets some relief! Helpful? ...

Getting 6 Year Old to Focus on a Task

We also put him on fish oil, as it helps calm the brain and mood swings. Good luck! ..... Getting him on a high grade multi-vitamin and fish oil. ...

Pulled Muscle in back(?)...what Worked for You?

Also, fish oil is a fantastic anti-inflammatory with non of the side effects of the drug based options. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...
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