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Baby's Growth Rate

As long as the growth is keeping pace, I really wouldn't worry about it. ..... It doesn't help that my friend had a baby a week later and his head was huge. ...

1-Month Old Eating Too Much?

My daughter at her 6 week appt. was right around 10 lbs. Your baby is healthy and fine. I am sure he is just going through a growth spurt. Helpful? ...

Cyst in Baby's Brain

Although the baby's growth and heartbeat looked..." ... That was one long week! But, my husband and I were ready to accept whatever the outcome. ...

Steroids for Fetal Lung Development?

She stayed in ICU for only a week (a sweet miracle) and was home. .... They must have worked, because my baby had full lung capacity and growth at birth. ...

My Four Week Old's Sleeping Habits

Sep 17, 2009 ... Read all 29 responses: "I'm a single mom of a precious four week old ... be hitting a growth spurt causing him to be hungry more often Hang ...

Pregnancy Cholestasis

... have another ultrasound to check fetal growthdevelopment in a couple of weeks ... Good news is the itch went away about 1 week after my son's birth so ...

Itchy Stomach

... with an increased risk for preterm delivery and fetal growth problems. ... can start anytime — even in the first week or two after you have your baby. ...

10 Week Old Sleeping Habits

Hello, I am a proud mother of a mild mannered (but picky) 10 week old. he .... something will change. then teething, growth spurts, learning new skills, ...

Infant Waking at Night

For the past week and a half, he has been waking about 2-3 times a night upset. .... infant growth spurts · fetal growth development ...
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  • born at 32 weeks last april in 2 answers "He was born at 32 weeks last April and he's PERFECT now, at a year."
  • went into preterm labor in 2 answers "I had a steroid shot at 30 weeks because I went into preterm labor and they were concerned ..."
  • shea butter lotion in 2 answers "... until the day that I delivered, I used pure shea butter and shea butter lotion ..."
  • his head circumference in 4 answers "His 4 month check was the same, his head circumference was a ton smaller than average!"
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