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Halloween/Birthday Party Ideas-My Daughter Will Be 3!!

Sep 24, 2009 ... I'd like to keep the decorations/games/food very "kid-friendly" b/c ... has alot of halloween/fall ones), coloring, decorating cookies etc. ...

Superhero Ideas for Toddler Party

Sep 30, 2009 ... Party City has a lot of Superhero decorations, party favors, plates & napkins, ... Christy B added this item : We collected fall leaves, ...

Seeking Girl Birthday Party Ideas

I have sons who have fall birthdays and it's easy for them but I don't know ... Maybe get some Barney cups and plates and decorations and a Barney cake. ...

Christmas Trees and Toddlers

As for the decorations, you might want to consider putting the "kid safe" ornaments on ... one of those glass ornaments can fall and shatter *everywhere*. ...

Saving and Storing School/art Projects

Holiday decorations I put in with the regular decorations. ... make a difference down the road otherwise the piece will become faded or start to fall apart. ...

How Do I Get My 2 Year Old to Sleep in His New 'Big Boy' Room?

... really excited about his new bedding and decorations I spent a couple of .... I was afraid he would fall out He still did fall out several times when I ...

Advice on 4 Year Old Halloween Birthday Party

When my son was in kindergarten, they had a fall bash at his school with a ... I 've done basic Halloween decoration but I personally have never done ...

Getting a Start on Christmas Gifts - Handmade for Little Kids

She's making my boys each one this fall. ... If you want you can add some fancy buttons or decorations. You can decorate a basket or bin to put it all in ...

First Birthday Sleepover Party! Help!

Oct 12, 2009 ... Have one or 2 fall back activities that you don't care if you get a chance ..... and some decorations and let each girl decorate their own. ...

Ideas for a 6-Year-old Boy Birthday Party

May 17, 2009 ... (My son will also be six in the fall and we're doing a "zoo" theme) .... a super mario party...i have all my decorations i made and stuff on ...
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  • into his big boy room in 2 answers "We moved our son into his big boy room around the same age for the same reason."
  • easter egg hunt in 2 answers "If he wants to hunt for the duck you could set up an "easter egg hunt""
  • kid friendly ornaments in 2 answers "We put kid friendly ornaments at the bottom that she could touch."
  • his duck hunting in 2 answers "This way he gets his duck hunting party and will not offend anyone."
  • rubber duckies in 2 answers "You could even get a bunch of rubber duckies and some some water guns and they could ..."