Superhero Ideas for Toddler Party

Updated on September 30, 2009
C.G. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I am going to have a party for my son who is obsessed with superheros and he is just turning two and i am needing any decorating ideas for my house where i am hosting the parties!! If anyone could help give me ideas or anything at all i would really appreciate it thanks

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I did this for my son's party. For their favor, I made capes. I did a really simple design that was a rectangle with a folded over pocket at the top. I used a ribbon to do the neck with velcro. It is kind of like a one sided pillowcase dress. They cost about $1 to do.

The kids were hillarious!!! They were running around making flying noises and saying "to the rescue!". They made GREAT pictures too.

If time is an issue for you and cost is not, you should check They have capes there.


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My four year old would also like a superhero party. I found this great website full of ideas...everything from party invitation ideas,to decor to games.

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This isn't really a decorating idea, but --- my sister had a superhero party when her son turned 4. She asked everyone who attended (including the adults if they wanted to) to wear a superhero t-shirt (they are available at Old Navy). She then took a picture of the groups of superheroes together (all the Batmans together, all the Spider-Mans together, all the Wonder Women together, etc.). The pictures were pretty cute.

She didn't spend a lot of money on decorations. She had superhero cakes that her husband made; they found school folders at Walmart of various superheroes that put together into a collage; she put out all of the kids stuff that had superheroes on it; she had her kids' pictures taken at Walmart in their superhero outfits and then framed those and put them up (super cute); she hung Batman decals around the front door; and put superhero balloons on the mailbox.

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Good morning, C.,
Party City has a lot of Superhero decorations, party favors, plates & napkins, etc.
I like the idea of the quickie capes. Every kid would love that. We used to just tie the corners of the kid's bath towels around their necks and they would run around. :)
Good luck and have fun with the party. At 2 years old they won't remember too much, so don't stress about it.
B. G. (mother of 8, grandmother of 4)



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You can google the personalities on the internet and print off their picture for wall art. I would do that and then try to bake a cake and decorate it to be one of the super heroes. Oriental trading company has lots of cute very inexpensive decor and toys. You can look at their web site for ideas or even just buy from them. Maybe have an adult friend dress as Batman and have him "visit" during the party (if the costume isn't too expensive)

That's where I would start. Good luck!

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