enfamil gentlease vs good start

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Sleep and Eating

D.S. asks from Tucson

Where do I begin? First, we found out our son has acid reflux so we tried Previcid and he had an allergic reaction to it. So, we are now on Tagament. It is not as eff...


2-Month Old Has Bad Bms

R.G. asks from Houston

I need some advice please. My 2-month old did fine in the hospital and coming home from the hospital. She started off with Similac Advance and did great. Then when we...


Colic Baby

A.H. asks from Oklahoma City

I could need some help. I have a 4 week old son and he is crying 24/7. I'm so excausted. To the beginn i was breastfeeding him, but then my milk went away. I only got...


Formula Feeding & Postpartum Questions

G.K. asks from Salt Lake City

I just have a couple of questions. First of all this is my second child and I will be having a C-section with her this Thursday. The first one I had naturally, so thi...


Supplementing with Formula?

N.C. asks from Chicago

Hello all! I am having a problem. My daughter recently went in for her 9 month checkup and she was in the 5th percentile for weight. She was normal for length and hea...


Newborn with Horrible Gas

M.W. asks from Atlanta

My 4 week old is having horrible gas pretty much all the time but it seems like it gets worse in the afternoon & evening. She will wake up in the middle of a nap cry...


Chiropractor Wants to Put Our 3 Month Old on Goats Milk (For Reflux Issues)???

B.L. asks from Dallas

Has anyone heard of this before? If so, would you do it? If you are doing it - does it seem to help? Its seems so strange to me to put my child on goats milk...nev...


Should I Go Back to Regular Formula After Feeding Hypoallergenic

G.M. asks from Washington DC

Anyone have experience with going back to the standard formula after being on a hypoallergenic formula for a while? My 3 month old daughter has been on Similac Alime...


Switching from Milk Based Formula to Soy

K.R. asks from Washington DC

I posted earlier about feeling guilty about not being able to breastfeed my son due to some issues, so we started formula feeding. I still nurse him a few times durin...


Formula Advice

J. asks from Chicago

My milk ran dry at about 7 months and I have been formula feeding for about a month now. My question is...is there any difference between generic formula and the nam...

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