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Help My Son Doesn't Want to Stop Eating!

My problem is that my son doesn't want to stop eating. ... well there are a few things I hoped you talked to your doctor about, one, thyroid, ...

1 Year Old Has Stopped Eating Solid Food

Jun 24, 2009 ... He was a tiny bit underweight on his last visit and that was when he was eating well!! What do I do?? P.S. He's reverted back to nursing ...

10 Month Old Not Eating

10 Month Old Not Eating. Hi there everyone, I have a 10 month old little girl and here lately ( well for the past week and a half) she will only eat just a ...

Daughter Picking Nose and Eating It

Jun 9, 2009 ... Well, I guess I'd say to just ignore it like I do my husband's habit. ... that they are getting germs in their mouths and eating fingernails ...

Table Manners for My Twins

If you have toddlers who are eating well though, then congratulations! Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters and maybe you don't want to change too much and ...

Eating Strike- Teething?

5 Mth-old Not Interested in Bottle, Now That She's Eating ... Eating Well · eating right · health eating · teething babies ...

5 Month Old Spotty Rash

Sep 18, 2009 ... Babies have lots of rashes, spots an dots, if there are no signs of illness, no fever, happy baby and eating well, IGNORE rash!!! it's ...

9 Month Old Refuses Blended Foods, Thinks He Can Live off Cheerios!

Plus, I would serve whatever my child seemed to be least interested in at the meal I could always count on her eating well (usually breakfast or afternoon ...

11 Month Old Not Eating

Minestrone works well. You can also give him some soft beans mashed up. Since their palettes are used to bland foods he won't mind eating these things plain ...

Is This Normal Eating Habits for a 6 Month Old?

Teething can be quite disruptive of eating and sleeping schedules. Luckily my guy is back to eating well. Anyway, as long as your little one is not losing ...
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