1 Year Old Has Stopped Eating Solid Food

Updated on June 24, 2009
J.P. asks from Morgan Hill, CA
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Sigh. My boy turns 1 and everything changes. He's been a fantastic eater--three solid food meals a day. In the last two weeks he simply won't take anything off a spoon no matter how hard I try. The closest I can get is to give him small bits of food off my plate--he only has 1 tooth so I can't just give him food to chew. I'm at my wits end. He was a tiny bit underweight on his last visit and that was when he was eating well!! What do I do??

P.S. He's reverted back to nursing constantly and he is teething, I'm sure. No immediately breaking teeth but he does suck his fingers a lot. He'll do sips of smoothies when he feels like it :)

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answers from Sacramento on

Hi J.,
My son went through the same thing; regressing a little at that time. Don't worry; it is just a phase and will soon pass. Try 'soft' solids, at least some of those worked for my son. He seemed to only want to pick things up and feed himself-- didn't want any help from a spoon. Green beans, corn, any soft veggie, etc. I also let my son have frozen veggies as he liked to suck on them for the teething and then he'd eat them as they got softer. Cheese, pasta, etc are also good. Just depends on what he will like at the time. (they all refuse from sometime to another). Watermelon is good this time of year as well.
If it is something he really likes, he will eventually take it again from the spoon... just takes time for this 'phase' to pass. Good luck!

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answers from Modesto on

When my daughter refused the spoon, it's because she wanted to feed herself. She would eat NOTHING on a spoon, but eat plenty if I let her dig in with her own hands. So, offer soft finger foods as other mothers have suggested. Just because he doesn't have teeth doesn't mean he can't chew. I know how hard my little one could bite down even without teeth! He should be able to gum soft foods well enough.

Your job is to offer him healthy food. His job is to decide how much to eat. Sometimes he'll eat a lot, sometimes a little. But don't force. Also, the more you stress about it, the more he could react negatively by not eating because he's picking up on your stress. So, try to be casual. Offer, but don't beg, cajole, or coerce. If he doesn't eat at one meal, try again a couple hours later. As another mother pointed out, he won't starve himself.

Just my two cents... good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

Children eat when they are hungry. He won't starve to death. They don't do that to themselves.

Keep offering food.



answers from Sacramento on

sometimes kiddos do this.....as long as he is drinking...dont get too alarmed yet...you can suppliment with pediasure......try some frozen go gurts....those are wonderful!....so..he's refusing the spoon...i would start with solid that will disolve that HE can feed himself...possibly...crackers, bananas cut up....also remember when they start these small solids...they will be practicing that gag reflex and will scare you..it did me...you have to watch them for a while to coach them or help them out..it's been some time since I've had a one year old..so I'm at a loss of what good foods are out there for them to self feed...I know pees are good too.



answers from San Francisco on

I've been there so many times and I want to reassure you that this will pass. Even now, I feel that my now 19-month-old refuses food (sometimes eating only 1/2 a meal portion a day for several days in a row) when he's not feeling well. As long as the doctor's not worried about weight, I wouldn't worry - but you can give him vitamins (poly-vita in liquid form) to supplement in the meantime. My kid also picks up on my anxiety and frustration, so try to keep meal times low-key. Eat in front of him when you can, and if he's not in the mood, try again at the next meal. Oh, and I'd nurse in between meals so he doesn't fill up. He'll eat when he's hungry!



answers from San Francisco on

I have two different thoughts for you.

1) Teething: I have friends who's kids refuse to eat when they are teething really bad. It just hurts to gum the food. Those kids would usually eat something like nice cold yogurt and really soft foods.

2) My daughter did not want me feeding her anymore around 10 months old. She just wanted to feed herself. Even if they don't have teeth they can still use their gums to mush fairly soft foods. Cooked potatoes, carrots, etc. I would usually let her eat on her own for the most part and sneak in a bite here and there while she was eating. He may just want to do it by himself.



answers from Fresno on

It sounds like it could be teething or just tired of eating baby food. My daughter was eating table food at 9 months old and she didn't get any teeth until 11 1/2 months. The doctor said they can chew and mash everything with there gums. She would eat crock pot tri-tip, raw fruits cut up, cheeses, cheerios, meat etc.. If you are giving him baby food he may be sick of the texture and ready to move onto regular food.


answers from Seattle on

it's still possible he is teething and you can't see the teeth yet. have you tried smoothies or protein shakes in sippy cups? will he play with ice cubes? you could make them with frozen fruit and put them in mesh baggies.

let me know how it goes. i have some recipes for high protein shakes for toddlers as i have a little guy too.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi J..

I can relate to your worry. What I would say is, talk with your pediatrician and try and ease your concern. I think as moms we are always concerned about the basics (eating, sleeping, etc). If you can have your concerns addressed my your doc, hopefully, it will help. Unless he/she is worried, I wouldn't be overly concerned. Has your little guy been fussy lately, any fever, or illness? Teething can cause the kids to have pain in their mouth, as you know...so, I think it's fair to say that you should give it some time. If he is nursing, then he IS getting the calories and energy, which is most important. He will go back to eating solids. Try not to worry too much.



answers from San Francisco on

I don't think you should worry at all. His teeth will come in and he will eat more. The eruption of teeth signals the body's need for/ability to eat food. Nursing completely at this age is fine and especially so for a baby with one tooth! He will eat on his own, just support him with breast milk and feel good about it. you are probably right about the teething. Weight gains vary and fluctuate with little ones. Enjoy your baby boy.



answers from San Francisco on

Since you said that your son was a little underweight. I would write down everything he eats and every time he nurses for 24-48 hours and take it to your pediatrician and find out if it is enough. I have 5 children and my 4th has been underweight for awhile. She's 21 months and has been underweight since 7 months. It turns out she has a poor appetite and a malabsobtion disorder, both of which can be worked with. Make sure everythings fine and then don't worry. I know easier said than done.

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