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Getting a Dog for the First Time

Read all 11 responses: "We're planning on getting a dog for our kids soon. ... We paid $75 for ours with shots, ears cleaned, neutering, tags, ...

Dog Acting Strangely

There are plenty of unwanted dogs out there. Please spay your dog. There are plenty of low cost spay/neuter places out there. 1 mom found this helpful ...

Help for Dog with Skin Problems

Read all 26 responses: "Our dog has some sort of skin problem which is causing her ... and we decided to keep the kittens...lots of shots and neutering). ...

Cat Poop Problem

Sep 18, 2009 ... They focus on spaying/neutering feral cats that are being fed, ... dooky for larger dooky (from a dog who most likely will think all the cat ...

Boys Vs. Girls

Definitely get it spayed or neutered, we have way too many dogs out there now. How old are your daughters? I would recommend a small/med breed, ...

Animal Hospitals

Sep 2, 2009 ... I did receive 50% off the neutering, but my cat also needed to catch up on a couple of vaccinations, which I didn't ... Need Thoughts on Problems with Dog ...

Please Help!

Read all 7 responses: "I know someone who has a dog who is in serious NEED of a ... If I remember correctly, Neuter Corp, Spay & Neuter Assistant Program ...

Playful Dog & a Baby - Help!

Spay/neuter virtually all dogs (this frequently reduces aggressive tendencies). Never leave infants or young children alone with any dog. ...

Best Biloxi Dog for ADHD Girls

The current issue is they want a dog, but..." ... Go with a medium mixed breed and spay or neuter and you will have a wonderful family pet. Helpful? ...

Cheap Rabies Vaccinations

I put in neuter to get the phone number. Actually, here is the number ... When I got our dog's license at city hall (last winter or spring, I think) I seem ...
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  • had both male and female dogs in 2 answers "I have had both male and female dogs and all have been great pets."
  • please spay or neuter in 2 answers "Please, please please spay or neuter your new pet and get some basic training."
  • should call animal control in 2 answers "... that can be transferred by scratches or bites. You should call animal control ..."
  • ceasar milan in 2 answers "... the Dog Whisperer, please). I mean who really does that besides Ceasar Milan?"
  • will make a huge difference in 2 answers "... the dog's exercise into your daily schedule - it will make a HUGE difference!"