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Updated on September 02, 2009
R.P. asks from Lynn, MA
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hi moms it's me again rosie. i need some advice on where is a good place i can take my 4 mo. old kitten and get her shots done and get her neutred(sorry cant spell that word) i've called around and these places are sooo expensive and dont even offer payment plans or anything. i'm not being cheap by taking care of my kittena it's just that i dont have a lot of money to afford some of these places. help please, i want to keep her but cant afford the shots or surgery. thanks inadvance rosie

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answers from Boston on

A friend of mine told me about the following program as I had my cat neutered last month.

The MSPCA has a neuter/spay assistance program. Its called SNAP and you can get up to 50% off the neutering price. Here is a link to the application that you can fill out line. (You might have to copy it into your browser)

Not all veterinarians participate in the program, so if you already have a vet that you really like, call and ask them if they accept the SNAP voucher. If you don't have a vet,, SNAP has a list of for vets throughout Mass. that do participate.

I did receive 50% off the neutering, but my cat also needed to catch up on a couple of vaccinations, which I didn't in the end I ended up spending more $$ than I wanted to. I believe it was a rabies shot and a distemper shot. So, that's another question you should ask. If I were you, I'd phone shop several vets. :)

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I know that there is a mobile van that does teh whole procedure shots, neuter, etc.. very inexpensivley but not sure exactly wht it is called. If you called an animal shelter they might have the name or could reccomend somewhere that yu could do itfor less money thatn the typical vets. I would try calling the northeast animal shelter in salem.

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We just got a cat and I was trying to find out about shots as well. My friend told me that you can take your cat to Petco for shots. They have different packages you can get or just the individual shots; if you call petco, they can tell you exactly what shots and the price. It's much cheaper than the vet as I discovered. As for the neutering, I have no suggestions for that. Good luck!

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