daughter complaining of stomach pain

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Right Side Abdominal Pain

Read all 86 responses: "I have a pain in my right lower abdominal, ... My daughter's pain has subsided, but if it hadn't I would of taken her in. ...

How Do You Know If a 4 Yr Old Has Appendicitis?

He slept with us and didn't complain too much of stomach pain, but threw up off ..... My Daughter Complaining of Pain in Gall Bladder Area and Throwing Up ...

Help for Ongoing "My Tummy Hurts"

I may be a little late as well, but I have gone through exactly what you're going through. my 7 year old daughter complained of stomach pains, she didn't ...

2 Year Old with Severe Stomach Cramps

pss Suggest to your friend to keep a food diary of what her daughter is eating Severe allergies to a certain food can create severe stomach pain Also ...

Daughter Swallowed a pebble....PLEASE HELP!!!

If you have not seen it in the stool after 2 weeks, or if she complains of stomach pain or constipation, call the doctor and they will order an X ray to see ...

Allergies and Acid Rflux

My younger daughter wasn't vomiting, but was very frequently complaining of abdominal pain. She had allergies and the doctors said the tummy problem was ...

I Need Help Diagnosing My 10-Year-old's Stomach Troubles

My daughter is 6 now, also has anxiety problems, and complains of stomach aches - often severe - around times of change and stress. ...

Chronic Stomach Aches and Vomiting in 6-Year-old

For the past two and half months he has complained a lot of stomach pain. ... My oldest daughter sometimes has stomach problems when she is nervous or ...

After Overheating, 8 Year Old Suffering with Stomach Pains & Headaches

And children sometimes don't handle pain well. My 8 year-old daughter also suffers from headaches when overheated. .... Complaining of Upset Stomach ...

4 Year Old Girl Allergic to Dairy

My daughter is allergic to dairy and gets an upset stomach if she consumes it. ... Have you watched to see when she gets her stomach pains? ... My friends 6 year old was complaining of stomacheaches and the doctor kept telling her to ...
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