2 Year Old with Severe Stomach Cramps

Updated on March 13, 2008
L.A. asks from Yawkey, WV
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my friend who is a good mother of 2 girls. one is five the other is two, the two year old started complaining with severe stomach cramps about 2 1/2 weeks ago. she thought it was a virus but she took her to emergency room just to be sure they told her it is probably a virus since she has no other symptom. the next day she called the pediatrician because she was up entire night screaming with her stomach. he told her to take her to childrens hospital they kept her for 4 days and did an ultrasound and couple other tests and found that one of her pancrease levels was up but not a lot and could be caused from roto virus, but she had no symptom of roto virus except stomach pain. they sent her home on zantac--she still had no success--she calls the peds doctor after 2 more days and says something has to be done she is still screaming day and night with her stomach, so he sends her to a gastro doc and she goes there and he tells her it is a virus or constipation and the mom says how is it constipation when she uses the bathroom daily?? but they put her on a laxative and a stronger med called prevacid--she says it hurts her belly when she uses the bathroom so now she is holding her bowel movement--so she gave her the enema and made her feel a little better but still screaming with her stomach so its been about 2 1/2 weeks of screaming two year old with severe stomach pain and no one seems to know an answer--she is about to have a nervous breakdown--the two year old is now afraid to use the bathroom so she has that pain on top of the otheR pain______________________PLEASE HELP+++++++++

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So What Happened?

i would like to thank everyone for there responses, this is the first time i had to use momasource and i loved it---things are a little better but not all the way- the gastro doctor put her on prevacid solu tabs and it worked after a couple days--my friend didnt give it to her one day and it wasnt bad but then she didnt the second day and the pain came back full force--she wanted to she if the symptoms were gone or if the med was really working so she discovered the prevacid did work so now she is on the road to find out why prevacid is working to see if it is gastro or if it is something that she will grow out of THANK SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!!!!!

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Not sure but I have heard of irritable bowel syndrome and it is very painful. It is cramping feelings in the stomach. Like I said I am not sure but that could be the problem.

Let us know what happens!!




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Check out Himalayan Goji juice, this stuff is amazing! It's a juice so it's completely safe for your child, even babies. You can research it at tammyhenson.freelife.com where you can also order it. I am a marketing executive for the company that sells it :) For more information on Goji juice check this out as well. Gojianswers.com You will probably find more info on this site.

I'm sure this will help...........................T.



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Hi L., I'm a 27 year old mother of almost five. I have had alot of problems with constipation in the past and it can be a budled up in bed crying pain, however if they did an x-ray they would have been able to see if she was backed up. Is the pain in her side? because I'm wondering about her appendix? that can also be very painful..tell your friend she needs to use her motherly instincts and push them stupid doctors for an answer, thats her baby and if something is seriously wrong they need to figure it out. On the other hand you can have a bowl movement daily and still be constipated.. good luck with this and wish your friend luck!
oh and good luck with you and your husband getting pregnant!



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Did they check her to see if she has a bladder or some other sort of infection? With this kind of infection I don't know if it can be picked up on an ultra sound. There would have to be a pee sample done. I hope they can figure it out. Tell her to keep on them until they find out. Let me know how she is doing. I feel so bad she has to go through this. Tell her good luck!




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Hi L.,

I agree with the other poster (Christine?) anyway, your friend needs to stay on top of those doctors. Sometimes they can become complacent and non-responsive to the most important diagnostic tool they have - mommy instinct. It sounds to me that your friend KNOWS something is wrong and she needs to start looking around for a doctor that will listen to her and her daughter. She could network with either a mommy group or a lactation group at a hospital who can back her up. At any rate, she needs to keep on it. Her baby is in pain and if the enema didn't relieve the problem completely, that's not the cause it's the symptom. I hope she finds some help and relief soon.

ps. I don't know if this will help but it's worth a try. Check out Dr. Sears website. He's a wonderful doctor and is very responsive to mommy instinct. http://www.askdrsears.com/

pss. Suggest to your friend to keep a food diary of what her daughter is eating. Severe allergies to a certain food can create severe stomach pain. Also, pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) can be extrememly painful. She should also make note of any other unusual behavior or incidents with her daughter, such as extreme thirst, disorientation, etc. This can help her doctor diagnose whatever is ailing her.




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Although my husband was 40 at the time....
He felt like he had to use the bathroom (bowel movement) but nothing was happening. He was in tears when he finally called the doctor. It turned out to be stones. It's worth a look. Everything was functioning fine, he was just in severe pain!


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Hi there I run a non profit Inc. called Tummy Issues it sounds like to me there are several things they should check the child for one been Crohns Disease and another possible Hirschsprung's disease and allergies. Also have her to check out soem of our tummy links here http://www.tummyissues.net/tummyissueslinks.html
she may find some help that is very much needed there. Thanks and if possible keep us posted. C.



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About a month ago I was in the ER with my 2 year old Aidan. He kept holding his stomache above his belly button. I took him in and they said it was a virus or that he might be constipated. I wasn't happy with that answer so the next day I went to his doc. and found out my poor little guy has reflux disease. He never threw up. But that didn't mean he wasn't feeling the burn. I'm now in the process of changing his diet and he gets some mylanta probably once or twice a week.