cord blood banking

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Cord Blood Banks

Read all 7 responses: "Hello moms! I was wondering if some of you have opted for doing the cord blood bank during the birth of your child.

Cord Blood Donation

Read all 6 responses: "I have had a hard time finding a place to donate my baby's cord blood to. I had first thought about banking it but in doing some ...

Anyone Bank Their Cord Blood

Read all 9 responses: "Hi I'm 7m pregnant with my second child and I did not bank or donate my cord blood with my first child, however I'm thinking of doing ...

Banking Cord Blood

Read all 10 responses: "My husband and I are undecided as to whether or not we should bank our baby's cord blood. Does anyone have any opinions on the ...

Seeking Advice from Mamas on Whether to Bank Cord Blood.

Read all 13 responses: "I am debating on whether to bank my baby's cord blood. I am curious on how many other mamas decided for or against it.

Cord Blood Registry Help

My husband and I would like to bank our baby's cord blood, but I'm not sure ... The whole point of cord blood banking is that their cord blood is for them ...

Cord Blood

The downside- Banking Cord Blood is expensive. I think we paid around $2000 to bank .... Next question: Cord Blood Banking for Stem Cells - Anyone Done It? ...

Mom-to-be Seeking Advice on Cord Blood Storage

I'm expecting in May as well, and the cost of banking cord blood was too high for us right now, ... Seeking Advice from Mamas on Whether to Bank Cord Blood. ...

Anyone 'Donated' Cord Blood Before?

I did a lot of research on this and decided that private cord blood banking was not a good choice for us, but donation would have been had I known about the ...

Stem Cell Banking

We donated my daughter's cord blood. Many blood banks are doing this now. It's a simple process to pick up the kit and bring it with you to the hospital. ...
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  • cord blood stem cells in 2 answers "... use, because most conditions that might be helped by cord blood stem cells ..."
  • through cryo cell in 2 answers "We did it through Cryo Cell or Cyro Cell, not exactly suire on the name...I'm at work ..."
  • yearly storage fee in 2 answers "However, I don't believe that the yearly storage fee after the initial fee is that ..."
  • cord blood registry in 2 answers "We used cord blood registry Our Dr."
  • cord blood registry in 2 answers "We went through Cord Blood Registry (CBR). It was a very smooth process and I am ..."