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House Cleaning

my cleaning lady is great! she's retired, so she doesn't mind taking her time and is pretty flexible. she's always over cleans for what she charges (which ...

Looking for Housekeeper for Bi-monthly Cleaning in Allen Home

My mom and I both use a wonderful lady - her name is Angela and her number is ## #-###-####. .... Seeking Dependable Good Cleaning Lady in the Plano Area ...

House Cleaning Needed in Lucas

House Cleaning Needed in Lucas. I am looking for someone to clean my house bi- weekly. I live in Lucas. I had to let my last lady go because she was no ...

House Cleaning

I am very detailed in cleaning. A friend had me come in an clean while her regular lady was out of town and when she got home from work and saw her house, ...

Cleaning Wood Floors

formula as well as recently by a cleaning lady I used and her husband installs hard wood floors. I have found just warm water ...

Cleaning Linoleum Floors

A cleaning lady told me to do that and it really worked! Good Luck! Chris. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

How to Clean Stainless Steel Sink??

I have used it and it's amazing. A cleaning lady is the one who told me about it originally. Look in the cleaning supplies isle near the other cleansers. ...

Seeking Cleaning Woman in Media, Delaware County--Help!!

Read all 4 responses: "My long-time cleaning woman has gotten ill and I am at a loss to find someone who is responsible, reliable, and really good.

NEED Help Cleaning Any Suggestions???

I recently got this lady who is great, she cleans my house 2700 sq ft, for appox 6 hours ... I do some house cleaning for $12 a hour if you are interested. ...

Looking for a GREAT Housekeeper?

Anyway, she started working for me 2 days a week this week and I can honestly say she is the BEST cleaning lady I have ever had! ...
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