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My Child Gets Bitten at Daycare - Any Suggestions?

Read all 20 responses: "My son (15 mo) gets bitten everyday, sometimes several times a day, by the other children. He is not biting back (yet) and I don't ...

Taking Naps at Day Care

At day care they have tried rocking, walking and giving her a bottle. She does have her own crib and room to sleep in away from the other children. ...

Child Suddenly Does Not like Day Care

Read all 10 responses: "My two children have been going to an in-home day care provider since August. I have been extremely happy with the care they are ...

Need Help/suggestion Finding Daycare or Nanny

I had a lady that would watch her but, she found a job during the day. I got the part time job to help out with bills. I hate to take my child to a daycare ...

Tips for Transitioning to Daycare

My daughter was 15 months when I put her in a daycare. I would check out places very thoroughly. Check into Action for Children. They can supply you with a ...

Can I Trust My Daycare? Is My Child Safe?

Read all 12 responses: "I just watched the news tonight and saw that their is a woman in the area that was trying to kidnap children from daycares.

Toddler Being Bitten at Daycare

Both of my children have been bitten repeatedly at daycare. ... If there is another class your child can go to (in the same daycare), that may be worth ...

Seeking Daycare Recs for the Richardson Area

Read all 4 responses: "I am seeking any recommendations on daycare in the ... A friend has her child at Kindercare which is at Campell and 75 (near Gunthers ...

1 Year Old Keeps Getting Bitten at Daycare

We have enrolled our son at a different daycare (he starts in 2 weeks) A few people have asked what school he is in-it happens to be Children's Lighthouse ...

Looking for Daycare in the Farmington Hills Area

I am changing jobs and would like to put my son (14 months) in daycare 2-3 times a week. ... Well, how do you feel about a home child care setting? ...
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  • properly supervising in 2 answers "I dont think they are properly supervising those kids."
  • should be few and far in 2 answers "... are properly supervising the children, the incidents should be few and far ..."
  • chew toy in 2 answers "He is not those kids chew toy!"
  • new horizon in 2 answers "I can tell you I've seen some good and some bad. At New Horizon in MOA I saw a 3 year ..."
  • your child in 10 answers "I feel sympathy for your child, but also for the parents of the biter."