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Neighbor Lets Cat Live Outside

But these cats have plenty of water to drink, look well feed, and have a cat house in the back. Remeber, the last thing you need is an angry neighbor ...

Cat Not Using Litterbox!

My almost 5 yr old cat has started urinating and pooing in the house. Her main target is the corner of my daughter's bedroom, and sometimes..."

I Just Hit a Cat with My Car! What Do I Do?

It was not a well lit house, not very welcoming. So I decided to leave. I briefly stopped by the cat, (busy road so i had to be brief) and said sorry and a ...

Cat Has Anxiety and Peeing

The cat had major anxiety and was peeing on clothes or blankets in the house. The vet suggested a phermone that was in a container like a glade plug in. ...

Help! My Cat Is Vomiting/constipated/peeing Everywhere!!!!

Read all 11 responses: "For the last couple of days, my husbands cat has been ... Silver F added this item : Gift cards at local movie houses are perfect. ...

How Do You Get Old Cat Pee Out of Your Carpet?

Read all 18 responses: "my cat was locked in the closet one day and peed a little ... We have a dog who has a problem going pee in the house, when we have ...

How to deal with cat peeing on floor?

I haven never been without a cat and I consider myself pretty savy in the ways of kitties. However, Susie is driving me crazy and I am tired of my house ...

HELP Female Cat Peeing & Pooping Outside of the Litter Box

I have a dog not a cat, but our situation may be similar to yours. After my daughter was born, the dog started peeing and pooping in the house again. ...

How to Get Smell of Cat Urine Out of Sofa

The bad news is cat urine is extremely concentrated and sometimes NOTHING works. I have thrown away furniture. Good luck. L. F., I have two cats, ...

Cat Pee

Sep 11, 2009 ... My brother bought a house that had horrible cat pee smell and he had to have the wood floors sanded and refinished. ...
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  • they can call animal control in 2 answers "... idea, at least they know where the animal is and they can call animal control."
  • cat attract litter in 2 answers "Use Cat Attract litter. Wegman's carries it and some area pet stores."
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