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2 Year Old DD Taking off Clothes at Bed Time

K.K. asks from Reading

I know this happens and its a phase but how do you get through it??? My daughter is a little older then 2 and has started taking off her clothes and diaper at night ...


Hand-me-downs Vs. New Clothes for School

H.P. asks from Springfield

I want to run something by you moms... about hand-me-down clothing for kids. I have a source that gives me tubs full of quality clothing in excellent condition (most ...


Polo Ralph Lauren Children's Clothes for Sale

N. asks from Dallas

I recently just relocated to Frisco from NY. I have boxes and boxes of baby and toddler clothing that I would like to sale. Most of it is Ralph Lauren also Carter. ...


Want to Donate Children's Clothes

D.K. asks from Dallas

I would like to donate my son's clothing to a children's or women's shelter. Do any of you know how I can find a place? I also have formula that has never been opened...


Baby Formula

P.M. asks from Chicago

I have noticed a huge price difference in baby formula. Does anyone know if the Target formula is the same quality as Enfamil? The ingredients are listed as the same....


Baby Stuff

H.S. asks from Cleveland

Hi fellow mommies! I was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere that I can get some decent condition, low priced baby items. My husband and I are expecting our secon...


Dribbling Baby

K.J. asks from Chicago

Hello everyone, My baby is 6 weeks old and a dribbler! I know she is hungry but seems to dribble quite a bit and her bib is soaked. She does not do this every fe...


How to Fatten up a Baby

M.C. asks from Omaha

I know all babies come in different shapes and sizes. But, I'd feel better if my daughter was within a healthier weight range for her age. My daughter is seven mont...


Garage Sale Pricing of Baby Items

C.F. asks from Dayton

I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to price baby clothes for a garage sale. I have a lot of the Carter sunsuits and like items. All the clothing is for a ...

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