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Car Seat on Airplane

Please advise if you have done an airplane trip with a car seat. Our daughter is at the air where we could still .... convertible car seats · baby seat car ...

Playpen Instead of Crib & Car Seat Handle Orientation

I would highly recommend you install the base before the baby is born and find an inspection station to make sure it is installed properly. The infant car ...

Looking for a Narrow Base and Baby Carseat

The baby seat is in the middle (attached with the seat belt, not the LATCH - according to the owner's manual for my car, you can't use the LATCH for the ...

My 6 Month Old Hates Riding in the Car

Have you thought of purchasing a portable DVD player so he can view Baby Einstein or Sesame Street videos while in the car? Then you can use the DVD player ...

Road Trip with Baby

Any advice on how to keep a 17-month-old baby entertained during a 7-hour car trip? I am dreading traveling next week. She may nap for an hour or two at ...

How to install a car seat properly?

What I mean is to change the elevation of the car seat. .... You can leave the sleeping baby in the carseat, but still bring them into the house! ...

Newborn Sleeping in Car Seat?

I used to carry his car seat inside when he was asleep and let him nap in there. Then there was a woman on the news whose baby, at 6 months (which is why I ...

Car Seat Toys

Also there is a bottle/cup strap in the baby isle at Walgreens it attaches to the strap on her car seat and velcro's around the cup/bottle and when she ...

Travel by Train with Baby

because in front of the first set of seats on one side of the car is a large enough space for people in wheelchairs and moms with baby buggies. ...

Recommendation for Infant Car Seat and "Snap N' Go" System

Since I'll have to get another car seat when the baby is over 22lbs anyway, I figured that I'll get another stroller at that time, but for now I'll start ...
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