c-section complications

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Has Anyone Had a VBAC?

A cousin of mine had an emergency c-section for her first baby 6 weeks premature or so. Her full term daughter was VBaC with no complications 2 years later. ...

C-section Recovery

I had an emergency c-section for my first child after 33+ hours of labor. I also had a planned c-section for my second child. I had no complications with ...

VBAC Vs. Scheduled C-section

Read all 7 responses: "I had a c-section last June with my son. ... My OB-GYN would not allow it because of the complications I had with the first. he said ...

C-section and Postpartum Bleeding

I had a c-section on May 7th with no complications. My doctor told me that I would bleed off and on for 6 weeks. I had bleeding for about 3 weeks and ...

VBAC Or Repeat C-section?

The risk of complications from a c-section are much, much higher than the risk of a rupture. Babies born by scheduled c-section with no health concerns have ...

Covering C-section Cut

Covering C-section Cut. hey! i had to have a ceserian because of complications during my pregnancy..and now im trying to find a way to cover the cut...is ...

Swollen Ankles After C-section?

Also, with a c-section, most women receive at least 3 liters of fluid without any complications. So, it is normal to have very swollen feet, ankles and legs ...

C-section Stories

Now the 2nd c-section was much better. It was also due to complications, and the baby was a preemie, but the spinal worked, and they also used "duramorph" ...

C Section Advice

Due to complications of Crohns disease and a fear of damage to my rectal muscles I had a planned C-section when I delivered my son. I cannot imagine going ...


Read all 12 responses: "I had my son almost 6 months ago via C-Section. 1 week after I had him they had to reopen the ... C-section Complications? ...
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