breastfed baby diarrhea

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Need to Unconstipate My Baby

Was he a breastfed baby? Breastfed babies poop more often than formula fed babies, ... Oh, watch out..if your baby starts having watery stool or diarrhea, ...

Daughter Sick- Need Advice

My 11 month old daughter has been suffering from diarrhea on and off for 2 weeks . It would last 1 or 2 days ... diarrhea in breastfed baby · diarrhea fever ...

3 Month Old Baby - Just Returned to Work - Stomach Bug

Aug 25, 2009 ... I have a beautiful baby boy who is 3 12 months old This is my second week back to .... Mom Seeking Advice with the Flu and Breastfeeding ...

Any Advice on Taking Amoxicillin While Nursing?

I was still able to breastfeed my son and was told that just to take water and ofcourse .... Do you want to risk giving your baby strep throat or diarrhea? ...

Feeling Guilty About Stopping Breastfeeding

Not everyone can breastfeed and that is totally OK. Babies turn out just as ... She had really bad diarrhea for a week and decreased appetite and would only ...

Food Sensitivity/breastfeeding

PS - I should add that it is definately NOT the normal breastfed baby poop. He doesn't have the "seeds" and it .... Next question: Diarrhea in a 2 Week Old ...

Looking for Advice on First Foods

Breastfed babies do not have bowel movements every day and Im surprised your pediatrician didnt tell you that Breastmilk is the perfect food for babies ...

Switching to Milk

I never heard of the mixing thing but I breastfedand I wonder whatthey would expect a breastfed baby to do My babies still breastfed for quite a while after ...

Help with Constipated Baby!

He is a breastfed baby and my sister suggested that I do water so that he could .... That is the recipe for babies who has diarrhea is to give them starch. ...

Can a Baby Be Too Regular?

Yep it's totally normal As long as it's not runnywaterydiarrhea and isnt a funny color your little guy's digestive .... Constipation & Breastfed Babies ...
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  • dark karo syrup in 5 answers "1/2 tsp. of dark Karo syrup, molasses or undiluted prune juice :) Oh yeah, and you ..."
  • infrequent bowel movements in 3 answers "Hi C., Infrequent bowel movements in BF babies is very common and nothing to worry ..."
  • increase his water intake in 2 answers "... helpful in combatting this, but as with adults, if you increase his water intake ..."
  • la leche league in 2 answers "... might seek the advice of a lactation consultant or your local La Leche League."
  • ounce of prune juice in 2 answers "We also gave him about an ounce of prune juice mixed half with water when I noticed ..."