3 Month Old Baby - Just Returned to Work - Stomach Bug

Updated on February 02, 2011
E.J. asks from Storrs Mansfield, CT
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I have a beautiful baby boy who is 3 1/2 months old. This is my second week back to work (would love to be a full-time mom, but finances won't allow it). Returning to work has been stressful and depressing for me but I'm trying to make it work. This morning, I get to work to find out that one of my co-workers drove their (hour and a half commute!) just to vomit in the office bathroom and leave to go home. I didn't have close contact with the individual - crossed their path once or twice before I knew they were sick. I am paranoid that I'll bring the bug home to my little one. Trying to stay positive that I won't get sick - staying away from the bathroom, washing my hands, etc. Has anyone had a baby this young get a stomach bug?

In general, I am paranoid about my kid getting sick! And this flu that's going around - makes me crazy!

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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answers from Boston on

When I first read your post title my first thought was actually, Wow, three months is a little young for the stomach bug! So that answers one of your questions! I'm sure it's not out of the realm of possibility that a three-month old can get this (I have a friend whose newborn had an ear infection and I had never heard of that either, so I guess anything is possible), but in my own experience with my two kids and my friends' kids, they usually wait until about six months to begin with the stomach bugs. You are doing the right thing to keep yourself healthy, and obviously, your baby.

I went back to teaching when both my kids were 3 months old, so I understand where you are coming from. I work with kids all day in a school of about 500 kids, so germs are all around me constantly. Between that and day care, I was always worried about them getting sick (I still do of course) but there is not a whole lot you can do that you're not already doing, and I honestly don't feel that my kids were any sicker than others' kids, even those who did not attend day care. People always told me that they will get exposed to the germs at some point, either in day care or preschool, whichever comes first. It sounds like an excuse and it stinks when they are babies, but that time goes quickly and before you know it, they toughen up, faster than you think. My oldest didn't get an ear infection until she was 15 months old, or the stomach bug until she was almost three years!! My youngest was more susceptible to illnesses more quickly, which frustrated me because I nursed her 100% until she went to day care! I really think that kids are born with a certain constitution for staying healthy. You just never know so you do the best you can. All kids will get sick at some point.

What you can do is keep practicing good hygiene habits for yourself and your baby, but just accept that you can never shield yourself or him from every germ. I totally understand how stressful it is, but I am telling you as someone who has been there, just go with it and do what you can to toughen him up before the germs do. The flu scare right now is definitely stressful - I am dreading the new school year and what it might bring. You can get a regular flu shot for your baby when he is six months old (I know this is a controversial topic for some); both my girls were summer babies so they both had it by the start of hard core flu season their first year of life. Maybe it's being a teacher that gives me this perspective, but when there is something proactive and safe you can do to keep your kids healthy when they are surrounded by other kids, I say, do it.

Good luck, I know it's hard, especially in fall and winter when it seems all you hear about is what virus is going around. Hang in there and keep doing the best you can, it will all work out, I promise!

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answers from Boston on

Hi E.
You sound like a new mom leaving her baby for the first time--I think we have all had that emotion. It's not easy doing what we have to do.
I have read the previous posts and Lenore mentioned being proactive and doing what we can-especially with the H1N1 scare for the fall.. But the vaccine is now being questioned for safety. Lenore also mentioned that all kids get sick..and to be proactive with their health!! Great Advice.

If we build our kids immune systems up naturally-they don't get sick. I have many friends whose kids were on Reliv kids Now their entire childhood-and had little or no illness.
It is safe, effective and tastes great-and MADE IN THE USA under our strict guidelines and standards. And our product has had DHA (the hot item in todays nutritional market) in it for 9 years--
Time for us all to be proactive with all of our health issues.
Aren't you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Love to share info with you.
J. H



answers from Boston on

Hi E.,

I got a nasty stomach bug when my son was 5 months old. I was so worried that he would get it. He did get it, but not to the extent that I did. He only vomited twice and had diarrhea. He seemed to handle it really well. The diarrhea lasted about a week, but it was only once a day after the second day. He is 5 now and we have had the stomach bug 2 more times since then and he always seems to get a milder case than me, thankfully! I would not worry too much though since your co-worker went right home and you have been washing your hands frequently. Take care!




answers from Boston on

I can relate to you--I went back to work full time (same as you--financially necessary!) when my son was 8 weeks old. It was the hardest thing ever and I was an emotional wreck. It does get more routine (not necessarily easier, but more routine). My son goes to a day care center, and immediately after he started there, he got a bunch of colds (varying degrees of severity) one after the other. Then, after that initial rush--he has been pretty healthy (knock on wood)!

Are you nursing at all? That will naturally help boost his immune system as well. As you are exposed to illness, your body creates antibodies to fight it. Those antibodies are passed through in your breast milk to the baby. I am still nursing my son. So, in the past 7 months, there have been times when my husband and/or I have been sick, but the baby has NOT gotten sick.

Sounds like you are also doing all the right things with hand washing, etc. Best of luck!!




answers from Boston on

Your baby will eventually get sick, and one way to build a healthy immune system is not to shelter your child too much. He is very young now, and I understand your concern. You are taking precautions, so you (and your child) should be ok, but the stress from being overly worried about this might compromise your system and make you more susceptible. Relax. And take the care you are. Good luck.



answers from Boston on

It doesn't sound like your baby will get sick from your co-worker. However, I am not sure where the baby is for day care. If he/she is in a center based day care, which mine is and I love it, the baby will get many, many illnesses. Just to warn you. I still think it's worth it for the learning and socialization but my child has had a runny nose and minor illnesses since 6 months old. Just to warn you!!!



answers from Tyler on

Is it possible for a four month old to be a carrier of a stomach bug and continue to pass it between her parents and grandparents and never get the stomach bug herself. I ask because my daughter and I both had a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago at the same time. baby never got sick even though she continued to nurse. 10 days later my daughter and her husband got the stomach bug. Grandpa & I kept the baby for a couple of days while Mom & Dad got better.. Then we got the stomach bug after returning her to her parents. That was two days ago and my daughter woke vomiting again this morning. Baby is still not sick



answers from Portland on

Sounds like you are doing everything right to try not to contract this virus.
If you are breast feeding you should have little to worry about as breast milk protects the wee ones for about six months from many contagious diseases.
Of my seven children I had one who became ill from a virus at four months. Other than slight colds, nothing else when they were that young.
You can only do the best you can trying not to "bring home" a viral infection. And if that should happen, please do not beat yourself up.
You are doing what you need to do for your family and you are trying the best you can to NOT bring anthing home.
Continue on with your precautions.
One more thing...childbirth to leaving home is a long time. If you project problems you will make yourself miserable for sure and childraising will seem like an eternity to you.
Deal with what actually IS, on a day to day basis and leave it at that without creating things to worry about.
IF your child gets the virus, you will deal with it. Right now you have done what you could to prevent that . That is the current situation. Leave it at that .
Life happens to everyone, yes?
Have foresight and be careful, as you are now being. But you cannot throw away time and emotions constantly worrying about what may or may not happen.
It is heartwrenching to leave such a small baby when finances demand it.
Best wishes and God bless
Grandmother Lowell


answers from Hartford on

I completely understand your wanting to stay home. I am a SAHM. I love it! I actually work from home. It is tough to find legitimate things to do though. I am actually going to have a home show for my SAH business. If you would like to come check it out, meet some friends you are more than welcome. Maybe it would be something you are interested in. I will be displaying many natural products including one that KILLS H1N1 and many other viruses. Contact my personal email and I will answer any questions and fill you in on some germ killing stuff!
Flu season is crazy. We do the best we can. I hope your baby boy does not get anything! I have three children 5,3,1.
I hope to hear from you soon.

[email protected]____.com

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