blood clots after giving birth

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Paranoia About Blood Clots

M.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mamas, I'm 5 months pregnant with #2 and, this could be completely hormone induced, but I'm starting to develop a pretty healthy fear of blood clots. I had a c...


Pregnancy/blood Clots

T.L. asks from Philadelphia

I had my daughter feb 08, I had a natural birth and when I went home I started getting fevers about 2 days after I went home, I just kept getting these fevers, then t...


Bleeding After Giving Birth

C.W. asks from Bloomington

I know it's normal to keep bleeding for a while after delivering. I gave birth 4 weeks ago and am still bleeding. It's still bright red, I don't remember this afte...


How Soon Did You Get Your Period After Giving Birth?

K.F. asks from Cleveland

Just wondering when I should expect to have my period after giving birth. My daughter is 3 weeks old and today I havent been feeling too good. I am having cramps alon...


What Birth Control Are You On?

A.S. asks from Dallas

I am wanting to do an educated decision of birth control and would like to know which ones you are using, or have used, so I can research them before making a decisio...


Blood Clot After Delievery

J.G. asks from Cleveland

Good eveing ladies! I delivered a baby boy on July 2nd... just over 2 weeks later I had a really bad pain in my tummy that then moved down into my grone area (upper ...


Numb Leg After Giving Birth????/

S.Y. asks from Tampa

Hi moms! So I had my son on Sept 6th. I had a natural delivery with epidural. After the epidural wore off my right leg was still numb from the knee down. I couldn't w...


Miscarriage and Blood Transfusion!

W.A. asks from Tampa

I recently was pregnant with my 4th baby. I miscarried in December, I was three months pregnant. I went to the hospital and they sent me home with out a D & C. I was ...


Birth Control for over 35 Mom

E.K. asks from Dallas

Any ideas on safe birth control for over 35 women? My OBGYN has said that the pill is not safe due to increased risk of blood clots. I recently got an IUD but haven...


Conception and Being RH Negative Blood Type

L.C. asks from Houston

Hi moms! My husband and I are trying to conceive our second child and I have a question for you wonderfull ladies! Whenever I first found out I was prego with our f...

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