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Hylands Teething Tablets

I've noticed when I give my baby Hyland Teething Tablets he seems to throw up alot. Have any of you experienced this kind of thing with your baby? ...

Refusing Bottle During Teething? Common Cold?

With him having congestion he might think he can't breath so try to suction his nose and rub him with baby vick's. When babies are teething they do get a ...

4 Month Old Teething

When my son was teething, I used a clean baby washcloth filled with finely ..... Hi, It is never to early for Babies to start Teething, some Babies are born ...

Teething & Spitting Up

As others have said, get to the DR.! I am sure your baby will be fine, but there is more than teething going on. Have you introduced any new foods recently? ...

Tongue and Teething

Tongue and Teething. what's up with the film...? i cant think of another way ... Hi, take baby to Pediatrician. It could be Thrust that will need baby meds ...

Teething? Formula

I know this is crazy, but can my 8 week old baby be teething? She has white bumps on her gums and constantly has her hand/fist/thumb in her mouth. ...

Teething Baby Refusing to Eat

Read all 10 responses: "I am a first time mom, my daughter is 10 months old and according to our pedi she is teething. I am concerned because she is ...

13 Month Old Teething Badly

*Get him a couple baby teething toys. My son had one that would vibrate when he bit down on it. It doesn't always work but that one helped out a bit when he ...


Baby teething gel - when the going gets real tuff or i just need some sleep, I go for the hardcore medicine. I know that is what I like when I have tooth ...

Very EARLY Signs of Teething?

I remember when my father,a father of seven,came to visit me and my 11 week old son and told me the baby was teething.I knew he couldn't be because it was ...
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