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9 Month Old with a Cold

But, to even take it a step further, when my daughter was around that age & had a cold, we actually let her sleep in her baby swing all night. ...

First Cold?

Aug 25, 2009 ... Personally I wouldnt give her cold meds either I would just give her baby tylenol to keep her comfortable. Helpful Yes | No Save This Remove ...

5 Mo with Cold. What Can I Do for Her?

Sorry to hear that your baby is sick with a cold. You didn't mention if she was seen by a doctor or why you can't give her medications? ...

Rosy Cheeks on Baby

My son had that same appearance when he was a baby. Many said it was the cold weather sort of an allergic reaction. It never turned into more than just rosy ...

3 Month Old with Cold

Read all 26 responses: "I have a 3 month old who has a really bad cold. ... My baby girl is 3 months old also and she has the same problem, no cough tjhough ...

3 Mo with Cold

Sep 2, 2009 ... Hi momsmy 3 mo has what seems like a minor cold she has some .... How to Care for a 9 Month Old with First Cold ... Baby Has a coldhelp ...

7 Month Old Not Eating Baby Food.

A couple of days ago he got a cold and he just refuses to eat his baby food. Is this normal? My husband said that he probably just has a lesser appetite ...

Breastfeeding While I Have a Cold

For what it's worth, if you do get congested, when I had a cold while breastfeeding my oldest, a pharmacist told me .... breastfeeding baby · cold remedies ...

Infant with Cold Hands at Night

My questions is, her room is very cold. It is the farthest..." ... It worked like a charmed for my babies. ... Baby's Room Is Freezing Cold at Night! ...

Childbirth and Head Cold

I was wondering if anyone has had the misfortune of being sick during the delivery of your baby. I am inducing this Sunday and I have a head cold that is ...
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