Rosy Cheeks on Baby

Updated on February 21, 2008
A.L. asks from Raleigh, NC
16 answers

Hey there,
I have a four month old who has had rosy cheeks for the last two days. As cute as he looks, I am a little worried about what it might be. Any ideas or is it nothing to worry about?


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answers from Jacksonville on

It is probably the dry weather (cold). The brand name A & D Ointment always worked for me. It is also excellent for diaper rash irritation. I never had much luck however with the generic brands ?




answers from Wilmington on

It could also be eczema....
Acquafor is great for everything, including this..especially if he is drooling a lot from teething!

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answers from Jackson on

hi A. the rosy cheeks could just be the weather like a rash unless he has a fever due to a cold..or he could be say if there is no fever just put a cream on his face to keep it soft..triple antibotic cream of just petrolium jelly..and watch it.. if u feel u need to see a dr then use your mothering instinct..u will know.. hope that helped but if it were me i wouldnt worry too much about it for now ok... just stay calm he will be ok..;-)im a 52 yr old grandmother i have 3 kids all grown now and 7 grandbabies and 1 on the way any day now.. ;-)enjoy your baby !!!!they are truely a gift..sweet..!!



answers from Owensboro on

Its probably nothing, but I would take him to the doctor anyway. It could be a rash.



answers from Chattanooga on

Hey A.,
My girls used to do that a lot in the winter. It was from teething, slobbering, wet cheeks and cold air all mixed. I just kept vaseline on them to protect them from the moisture and it helped tremendously.

I saw the post on 5ths disease.. both my girls had that and the symptoms they had with it were a fine rash all over their body and complaining with headaches (which your daughter would be too young to voice).

If it's just on the cheeks, I would lean more towards just being chapped.


answers from Nashville on

Hi A.. My wife subscribes to the mammasource and is currently in the hospital with our newborn son so I figured maybe I could help when I ran across this email.
Most likely you're looking at a harmless and relatively common condition called Roseola. My oldest had the same thing and it went away on it's own. As long as the baby isn't showing any other symptoms such as lethargy or vomiting then you shouldn't have anything to worry about, but you might want to have your doctor check into it just to be on the safe side. Good luck with everything and take care.



answers from Charlotte on

It could be any number of things with an infant, it's always something...Don't fret, call your pediatrician.


answers from Memphis on

There is a viral condition out there called 5ths Disease. Don't panic, it's not a serious illness, here's a link...

My children have had this, once when I was pregnant with #4, with no problems. My 9yods recently had it, went through his school like wildfire. Sometimes you need to give them tylenol because they may be achy or benadryl for itching. Usually their little faces looked like someone slapped them and it may be warm, and they have a rash on their bodies. I pray he gets to feeling better soon.

And I'm a mama 5 times over & the enjoyment never ends.



answers from Raleigh on

My son gets rosy cheeks too when his skin gets dry. Try putting some aquaphor on his cheeks and it should get better!



answers from Lexington on

she could be teething. teething causes your baby to drool a lot, and the extra moisture on her skin can cause a very red, very dry looking rash on her cheeks, chin and upper lip. teething is most likely, but be aware that it may also be fifths disease. a form of a parvo virus. look for a light lacy rash on the rest of her body. has she had a fever in the last five days, or been a little under the weather in the last week? fifths starts with a fever and generally just feeling crummy, and the rash in about a week. the thing is, that once they get the rash they are no longer contagious, and have been sick for a week. there is nothing that you can do to treat, it just goes away on its own in about four days after the rash shows up.



answers from Nashville on

Could be chapped from drooling or snotty nose or the cold. Could be he's teething and/or has a touch of fever and its making his cheeks rosy.



answers from Parkersburg on


Good old chapstick works great! It worked well for my boys when they were babies.



answers from Asheville on

I'm not completely sure, but my toddler will get rosy cheeks b/c of the cold air and going just in and out of the stores. It could be a mixture of the cold air and a little bit chapped. Unless your infant has been running a fever, but that is what it reminds me of when my toddler looks that way.



answers from Chattanooga on

More likely than not, it's probably just a bit on windburn. Put a lil bit of Carmex on both cheeks before you go out, and some lotion on it during the day. (Carmex will protect the skin from windburn) Also he might have touch of baby acne.. my son had it, and it cleared up on it's own in a few weeks, just keep it clean, but don't wash his face too often, you don't want him getting dry skin



answers from Knoxville on

My son had rosy cheeks a lot as a baby, and my daughter does sometimes, as well (she's 13 months old now). When my son's would worsen, it usually meant he was getting sick. He was sick a lot as a baby because he was in daycare until he was 13 months old. But, sometimes (as in the case of my daughter or other babies), it's caused by the weather (heat inside, cold outside) chapping the skin, teething (drool), snotty noses (hence sometimes it signaled illness for our oldest child), or maybe even a slight reaction to something the baby has gotten up next to (things not washed in Dreft, an adult's wool sweater, etc.). Cheeks (esp. on babies) are super sensitive and can react to many things causing them to become rosy. Try some natural lotion (without irritants in it) ... I'm betting this is just a winter thing though, and will go away when the weather finally gets better for good (which I hope is soon)! ;)



answers from Asheville on

My son had that same appearance when he was a baby. Many said it was the cold weather sort of an allergic reaction. It never turned into more than just rosy cheeks. He is now 11 and I miss the beautiful rosy cheeks of my baby. Enjoy yours.

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