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Newborn Not Seeming to Thrive

Is the baby just given a pacifier? Some babies are seemingly "content to starve" with something to suck on all the time, and the parents need to intervene. ...

Can Babies Sleep Too Much?!?

Can Babies Sleep Too Much?!? My almost 6 month old baby girl just started teething, and is sleeping a TON! I don't know if this is normal or if I should be ...

Baby Gate Advice for Wide Area at Top of Stairs

Try looking at baby depot or Babies R us. We couldn't find one big enough for our old place, so we just sucked it up and kept an eye on him. ...

Surface Cleaner for Young Babies

Jun 2, 2009 ... Does that really work - is it really safe for babies? ... a natural disinfectant and can't hurt the baby at all (she could even drink it) ...

Giving Cow's Milk to Babies?

We tried formula but as you have learned babies do not like it after .... Be proud, your baby got lots of good stuff. .... milk chocolate · baby babies ...

Is Baby Bjorn Bad??

Slings are great for babies and toddlers. I wore my baby for 3.5 years in it. Not all the time, but I'd bring it with me to the zoo or on trolley rides into ...

Is Soy Milk Better for Fussy Babies That Spit up a Lot??

Your right propping reflux babies up after a bottle does not work! I was to a point that my baby did not even sleep in her bed, she was sleeping in her ...

Cysts Found on Babies Umbilical Cord

He regretfully had to let me know that something was indeed wrong with my baby. See, the babies brain was 8 cm and the baby had a cyst that took over almost ...

Is it safe to take an infant at 9,000 to 12,000 foot elevations?

Hi H., If your baby isn't used to high altitudes, I would leave her out of your plans. ... babies baby · vacations san francisco ...

Babies Who Can't Sleep Through Gas?

Babies Who Can't Sleep Through Gas? My baby is almost seven months old now, and she *still* wakes to fart. She is breastfed, and to some degree what I eat ...
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  • umbilical cord cysts in 2 answers "Cysts and masses of the cord Cysts and pseudocysts Umbilical cord cysts develop ..."
  • can find it at wal mart in 2 answers "... call nutrimagin (sorry I know that is spelled wrong) you can find it at Wal-Mart."
  • chromosomal anomalies in 3 answers "Pseudocysts are associated with chromosomal anomalies, or birth defects which can ..."
  • tea tree oil in 2 answers "It is thyme, and lemons, and tea tree oil."
  • epithelial lining in 2 answers "Cysts have an epithelial lining, occur at the fetal end of the cord, and usually resolve ..."