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Baby Gender

I was 12 weeks, 6 days when I found out I'm having a boy this time. ... I've never had a friend who was wrong about a boy, but had plenty who were wrong ...

Baby's Gender

You are probaly having a boy. but don't go out buying blue because it might be a girl. .... In any case, I did have a boy, so the tech didn't slip. ...

Need a Boy Name

Aug 1, 2009 ... Read all 13 responses: "I am having my 5th child and it is a boy. We can not come up with a name. I have one that I like, but my husband ...

Can't Decide on a Boy's Name

Read all 26 responses: "Since there was just a bunch of great responses to a request for a girl's name, I thought maybe people would have suggestions for a ...

How Do You Cure a Boy Yeast Infection?

Read all 8 responses: "My son is 2 and he has a terrible penile yeast infection. I have been treating it with Lotrimin AF Ultra per my pediatrician for 4 ...

Son Says "Im a Girl"

If I tell him hes being a good boy today hell say hes being a good girl. Its been going on for about a year now. I would like to think its an attention ...

Ideas for a Boy First Birthday Present?

Read all 13 responses: "I am a relatively new mom (son 9 mos old) and am invited to my first one-year-old birthday a friend is having for her son.

Trying to Conceive a Baby Boy

Read all 21 responses: "Hello Mommies, I have three beautiful girls and I love them dearly. My husband and I have decided to have another child.

Looking for Mom and Son Activities

I have a boy and a girl (twin 3 year olds) and I'm looking for activities I can do with my son for special mom and son days. My daughter and I find lots..."

How to Get My 18Month Old Boy to Drink Milk (Still Breasfeeding)

Read all 7 responses: "hello, i have a beautiful, healthy, smart 18th month old boy that refuses to drink regular/whole milk. (he eats everything solids) ...
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