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2 Year Old Daughter Interested in Really Learning Her Letters, Help With

There is a whole series of videos: The Letter Factory (teaches ABC letter .... Hey E., my 3 yr old knew his abc's by sight and song by the time he was ...

Trying to Get My 4 Year Old to Do Alphabets and Numbers?

Definitely sing the ABC song and play counting games, but more dont ... At 4 years old learning the ABC's and 123's should be all about fun - not work. ...

When Should My 3 Old Know

My philosophy is to teach him colors, numbers, and his abc's in play or driving in the ... Teaching My 3 1/2 Year Old Grandson Abc's, Numbers, Colors, Etc ...

Seeking Experiences with Advocate Illinois Masonic's Nurse-midwife Group

You can go and take a tour of it (sign up on Ill. Masonic's website) and get a LOT of questions answered and see Labor and Delivery and the "ABC." ...

I Have a Stubborn Almost 3 Yr Old Who Does Not Want to Learn His Shapes, Colors

I have tried everything to get him to know his colors, shapes and abc's and he just says "no mama don't teach" I have..."

Seeking 'Reviews' of Dr. Sodini

I would have opted for the Alternative Birthing Center(ABC) but it had temp closed at the ... My doctor and the nurses in the ABC were absolutely wonderful. ...

Summer Care for Special Needs Child

Jason went to ABC 1 on 1 and was very impressed with their program. ... Try ABC 1 on 1. They have all kinds of programs for special needs kids. ...

How Many Diaper Covers Do I Need?

I will be using ABC Diaper Service, but they only offer 1 type of cover, unlike Tiny Tots who has multiple types. What should I do and how many should I ...

My 4Yr Old Is Behind the Other 4 Year Olds in Her Pre K Class!! HELP!

My three year old is extremely bright, but she doesn't say her ABC's in the right order. No big deal!!! She will learn them in Kindergarten. ...

How to Teach an 18 Month Old

Turns out the little girl knew her abc's and could say them fairly clear. ... My son is 13 months old and is trying to repeat the ABC's when I sing it to ...
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