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One Child Family

I know we may look like aliens around here, but you are in good company: A billion people in China are raising onlies too!(one-child policy) ...

Seeking the Right Prenatal Vitimin

Only one company has the patent on this process. The best part is, they aren't very expensive...and our bodies can absorb the nutrients our babies need, ...

Ft Stewart Internet Service and Cell Phone Service

I love the fact that i can get all 3 from 1 company--just one bill to pay and i can call 1 company for all of my needs. HOPE THIS HELPS--AND AGAIN, ...

Pregnant Mama Confused About What My Job!

The kit is paid for with one small event. If you want more info let me know. ... Perhaps your company would be open to a personal work arrangement ...

"Seeking Reliable, Reasonable Priced Tree/stump Removal Company in Flower Mound

"Seeking Reliable, Reasonable Priced Tree/stump Removal Company in Flower Mound ... They trimmed alot of trees cut one down and removed the stump and did a ...

Seeking Construction Company for an Addition to Our Home in Poway

I will add one more referral to the mix. I am an interior designer (21 years)and my contractor whom has worked for me and my husbands company for almost 20 ...

Walk-in Tub for Senior Mom

Dec 13, 2009 ... Can you recommend a company? Thanks Moms." ... As one of the other posters suggested, we also replaced her showerhead with one that has a ...

Prenatal Vitamin Recall

It's interesting to me that it spans more than one company. My doctor also said not to worry and directed me to simply buy a generic pre-natal. ...

Do You Know a Great Carpet Cleaning Company?

Read all 8 responses: "Hi Moms, I am looking for a company to come out and clean my carpet in ... He's really good, and has been considered one of the best. ...

Looking for Replacement Windows

Has anyone had really good luck with one company? Any company to stay away from? I'd love to hear any experiences you mamas have had with replacement ...
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  • attract more dirt in 2 answers "... use soap which actual can leave a residue when used, and can attract more dirt."
  • come out and give you an estimate in 2 answers "... or not, be sure to have KLEINSMITH STAIR & TRIM come out & give you an estimate ..."
  • folic acid in 5 answers "I think it was the only One-per-day that had 1000mg of folic acid and it was gentle ..."
  • beta carotene in 2 answers "... I use has vitamin A in it but it's the good vitamin A with the beta carotene ..."
  • vitality pack in 2 answers "... mother to deliver HEALTHY Septuplets, and did so using Melaleuca's Vitality Pack!"