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Birthday Party Ideas for a Six Year Old Girl

I did rent a building for the messy factor, and it was well worth the $25! I bought poster boards, glitter-glue pens, jewel stickers, and colored hairspray ...

Wanting to Buy a House, but How?

We were renting an apartment in a building close to where my husband works. The way the building is set up, all units are not owned by one company, ...

Sick Constantly!

In her case she lives in a building where her neighbor from updtairs would sweep her pigeon poop from her balcony down This fell on her a/c. ...

Staying Home

Now my daycare is so popular that I went group (12 kids) and waitting to pay off the 2 new adds on on my house and getting a building for a center. ...

Can You Recommend a Great Beach House to Rent in Destin or Seaside/Seagrove?

It was a building that had a bunch of condos in it and 3 pools. WE loved it there, but wanted something that was more private. ...

Gift Idea's for 9 Year Old Step Son

My son loved Kinecs it is a building set that you can buy motors for. You build cars, motorcycles, all kinds of things. You can buy them at Walmart and lots ...

Membership with Two Churches?

When after I've left the assembly do I know how to continue in my quiet time with God that there may be a building of intimacy between myself and my Father ...

Husband Addicted to Online Games

Sep 24, 2009 ... If it were me, I'd demand he stop or else I chuck the computer off the top of a building. Time to grow up Dad. ...

Private School Info Needed

Last January an ice storm caused our gym to collapse, so as a result the church and the school have collectively been working on a building campaign which ...

Tips on Renting a Car in the Bay Area?

... when I had a breakdown and had to pick up my daughter after dark, outside a building that would be closing behind her. So I have a spot spot for them. ...
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