a broken finger

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Finger Food Ideas for My 11 Mth Old?

Beauty · Bladder & Kidney · Broken Bones & Sprains · Checkup · Childhood Illnesses .... His favorite (messy) finger food is a whole, pealed mango. ...

Finger Food Ideas for Toddler at Daycare?

I'm looking for some finger food ideas for lunch for my 15 month old daugher for daycare... She's picky and won't eat a lot of variety... so far she..."

Finger Sucking!!!! Please Help!

Read all 22 responses: "I have a 4.5 year old son who is a finger sucker. He sucks the middle 2 fingers of his right hand and has done this since birth.

Thumb Sucking in an Infant.

He had been broken from the pacifier for over a year/year and a half. .... took to finger sucking they tested it and when I said that it ws for babies, ...

Anyone Else Had a Toddler in a Cast??

My baby cut her finger on a pediasure can that an older child had opened and .... My #2 had stitches in his head TWICE and a broken leg between the time he ...

Pinch Resistant Garage Doors

Sep 4, 2009 ... Our automatic garage door opener is broken and I have to close it manually. My finger got caught between sections and I had to raise the ...

Split Thumbnail Problem

Therefore, an injury to the finger can effect the manner in which the nail ... for a broken nail if you're going to a wedding or special event or something. ...

"Seeking Arm Cast Advice"

... and I am trying to clean his finger areas but it still stinks a little bit. ..... Seeking Ideas on How to Control Odor in Walking Boot for a Broken Foot ...

What to Do About an Itchy Arm Cast?

I broke my arm very badly 5 years ago (cast from finger tips to arm pit and used a metal hanger to scratch and ended up ... Seeking Advice on Broken Bones ...

Do You Have a Husband like This?

Read all 26 responses: "My husband has broken multiple items in our home out of ... and while neither of my parents ever laid a finger on me or anyone else, ...
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  • cut them into bite size in 2 answers "... Farms veggie chicken nuggets or veggie burgers and just cut them into bite size ..."
  • stop sucking their thumb in 2 answers "... I have never heard of trying to train an infant to stop sucking their thumb ..."
  • freeze dried fruit in 2 answers "If you have a costco card we love the freeze dried fruit they have there by brothers ..."
  • clear nail polish in 2 answers "... my nail split and kept catching on everything, my mom used clear nail polish ..."
  • plastic garbage bag in 2 answers "If I put him in tub I used a large plastic garbage bag to encase the cast and anchored ..."