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Fun Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

A boquet of pink and blue carnations with a note attached, "We're not sure if it will be a boy or a girl..." Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...

Home Pregnancy Tests

Just a note to let you know about HPT's: The ones they use that the doctors ... However I've had problems with the blue dye tests, I'v seen tons of false ...

Need Ideas for Baptismal/Christening Gift

I got a blue/pink cross to hang in their room and a blue/pink small new ... You can also put a little note in the card that it is for the college fund. ...

My 4 Yr Old Poked Herself in the Forehead with a Sharp Pencil :-(

A girl in high school had such a blue spot perfectly placed on her face. ... They just washed it, put some vaseline on it and sent her back with a note. ...

Alternatives to Diaper Genie

It has a blue pop up thing that you throw the diaper down in & just shut it. .... Also on another note, where does your husband work? I am also a chemist in ...

Creative Ways to Tell the Grandparents About the New Little Bundle?

One way we told about a pregnancy was to put a baby bottle in their (grandma/ grandpa) refrigerator & put in blue/pink shreded paper. We put a little note ...

Need Fantastic Ideas for After Birth Baby Shower, It's a Girl!

On the invitations, write a note that if they'd like to participate to bring a ... one with her name on it, and also a purple, a white and a blue bracelet! ...

Just a Question

and a pink onesie and wrapping them...or hanging a pink or blue baloon to the bed ... Maybe there is a cold drink there with a note, "Look in the silverware ...

Suggestions on Giving Baby Shower Hostess Thank You Present

... if you put the items in a blue basket and decorate it with storks, etc. ... bag of yummies: coffee, tea, dark chocolate and a special note from me. ...

Planning My Son's First Birthday- Help Needed!!

... we got our son (who turned 1 in March) a blue t-shirt with stars on it at .... We bought multi colored sharpies, and everyone wrote a note on the matte ...
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