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Kumon vs Sullivan vs Other Programs

It's not a short term solution either, and it can be a bit pricy. They do offer some summer camps in reading, writing, etc., if you are truly looking for ...

Help with a 6 Year Old

He's only four, so it usually takes a bit longer to do a job. But, then again, it usually took alot of time to stop what I was doing and correct him for ...

Train Table Recommendations and Reviews

... can be a little frustrating to play with because the track is a bit unstable . ... If I had to do it over again, I would skip the train table and wooden ...

Advice on Getting Bills Current

Once it goes to collection, the bank has already sold the debt, so they have their money, and they don't care a bit about what you do after that. ...

Ideas for a Preschool Schedule

I taught 3-year-old preschool using the A Beka curriculum (you can purcahse online, but it's a bit pricey to do on your own because you'll need the ...

Do You Love Your Washing Machine?

Plus they do save quite a bit on water. And you don't use as much detergent, but you do have to use the HE detergent or you could do damage to the washer ...

Two Year Old in Delivery Room

You will be a bit busy to do that. And how will she react to mommy being focused elsewhere? If it is a long delivery, where will she get her meals, nap, ...

Having a Baby After 35?

I think the high-risk classification after age 35 is a bit overcautious. I do know that first-time pregnancies in the late 30's/early 40's tend to result in ...

How to Keep Your House Clean and Still Spend Time with Your Kids

I clean some in the morning when I let her watch her shows for a bit. I also do a little more when she goes to sleep so I wont have so much to do in the ...

Need Help with Acid Reflux

One week they will do it this way, the next its a whole new set of rules. ... hole of the nipple... try it then and if you need it a bit bigger then do it a ...
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