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Shy 4 Year Old Taking Karate

It's funny, because she still refers back to that book whenever she tries something new. She will say "This is new cheese mommy"! Helpful? ...

Sleep Training for Twins

Third - 7 months, in my book, don't worry if they're on their back or stomach anymore, provided there's no outstanding health issues. ...

9 Month Old to Sleep All Night!

It is SO nice to have my full nights of sleep back! You can get the book on Amazon for sure, probably at most book stores. Send me a message if you need any ...

Toddler Diarrhea

I keep going back to this book b/c it's wonderful!! It has been guiding me to help my 4 yr old with her eczema and it's working when nothing else has! ...

Back-up Sitter for When Kids Are Ill and Can't Attend Daycare

Back-up Sitter for When Kids Are Ill and Can't Attend Daycare ... also, they have a book of students who babysit; perhaps they could be a back up? ...

7 Month Old Rolls Over, Wakes at 3 AM, Needs Parents to Help Back to Sleep

It takes 5 mins and I'm back to sleep. If all it takes you is 5 mins out of .... That = great mom in my book. :). Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...

Using Online Scrapbooking Sites

Why bother with online when you can walk into your walmart with your pictures and walk back out with a book, scrapbook page or any of the new mosaics and ...

What Do You Know About Kindle?

Dec 22, 2009 ... Then when we get to soccer practice (which is where I get most my reading done) could I switch back to my book? ...

Dr. Lauras New Book Urging Moms to Choose to Stay at Home

What do you ladies think about Dr. Laura's new book talking about moms choosing to stay at home. ... Luckily, I was able to go back to my old job part-time. ...

My Back Talking Preschooler

An example of her back talking is: tonight she wanted dessert after dinner ... Many of you suggested the 123 Magic book, and actually I have read it before ...
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