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Taking Care of Baby and Doggy??

When the baby was really new and I was recovering, I had a dog walker come for the ... The good news is that baby and dog utterly adore each other and ...

My Dog Bit Another Child

I agree this was a terrible accident, but your dog is still just a puppy. I'm not exactly sure why you would get such a young puppy with a baby in the house ...

Introducing Our Newborn and Our Dog

I would never ever leave your baby and the dog alone - ever - I was a 911 dispatcher .... Then, when we got home I held the baby and let the dog come to us. ...

My Dog, My Bed, and My Unborn Child

Dec 9, 2009 ... Don't exclude your dog now just because you have a baby. .... Our dog baby turned 14 on the 1st and she has always accepted our son. ...

Baby Names

We were going to name our daughter after our dog (died 3 months before she was born) because she was like our first baby but we decided to use it as a ...

Tips for Road Trip for 4 Month Old

If you have an easy-going baby you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Same goes for your dog...if he is an easy-going dog it should be fine. ...

How to Introduce New Baby into Home with Two Beagles?

That will help your dogs get used to the smell of the baby before he's in the house. ... We had the sweetest introduction - the dog LOVED the baby! ...

Best Family Dog Breeds

Are you prepared to drag your baby out in the winter months to the park so you can exercise your dog? It's a huge commitment! Sitting in your backyard is no ...

How to Introduce New Baby to Dogs

Read all 13 responses: "I am expecting my 2nd child in April, after 15 years! During that time I have accumulated 3 dogs who I love very much.

Baby Acne

It happens to her when our dogs lick her or she gets alot of their hair on her. ... I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old and they both got baby acne around ...
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