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E.M. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I had an issue pop up with my kindergartener last week. The first person at the school who told me about it did not have the complete picture and basically told me that my kid was headed for expulsion. I completely freaked out (after leaving calmly). I found my self quite literally asking myself what the "online moms" would tell me to do. I emailed my son's teacher the same day and asked for an in-person meeting. We sat down and had a great talk the very next day. She is really amazing, I was frankly stunned at how well she "gets" my son after only a few weeks. We developed some great tools to work together to address some of his struggles and she gave me some great feedback on the positives in his school life as well. So thanks so much, all you rational moms!! I did not freak out AT the teacher and make the situation worse, and I definitely have you to thank for it :)
So has anyone else found themselves thinking through a situation similar to a question/type of question from this site? Did it help you?

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answers from Washington DC on

i LOVE this! how awesome to hear about the site coming in useful like this before the problem arose! thanks so much for posting that.
i don't have a cool example like yours, but i was in a bookstore the other day and there was a mom who was really having a day. she had 3 (at least) littles, a wrapped moby baby, a toddler and a little fellow of 4 or 5. the mobile fellows were SO excited about the bookstore and its halloween decorations, and she was soooooooooo frustrated with them. there was a lot of sub-vocal hissing, arm-dragging, and random yelling. it would have been awfully easy to judge (and who doesn't, for good or ill, at least to some extent), but geez, the kids were so adorable and really basically well-mannered. as she descended on one little guy in the aisle where i was browsing he looked up in excitement at her to show her what he'd found, and his face just dropped when he saw hers. 'i'm sorry, mommy,' he wailed, and kept repeating it as he was hauled off, mommy growling 'it's NOT okay!'
i had a few moments of amusement picturing the spectrum of responses this mom (or someone posting about her) would get.
i gave her a bright sympathetic smile when i caught her eye at one point, which she did not reciprocate. sometimes sympathy from a stranger is just not what you want, is it? i thought her moppets were adorable anyway, and that she's probably an awesome mom.
:) khairete

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answers from Houston on

Responders from this site have made me not dismiss friends as easily as I use to. One of my mamapedia enemies gave me a really snarky remark, "well does that leave you with many friends?" It was hurtful but just what I needed. My social life is much more full now. I no longer throw out friends for their slights. It's refreshing. It's lightened my mood and my load.

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answers from Boise on

Sometimes it's the very thing you don't want to hear, that you need to hear. One plus of a forum is that we don't know you, we only know your written word and often times that all anyone needs to 'hear'. Of course sometimes the written word can come out all wrong, and can be misconstrued. lol Forums have the plus and minuses...just like anything else.

Glad you and the teach are on good terms and coming up with a plan together.

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answers from San Francisco on

Even on-line "friends" can talk you off the cliff...and back down to rational thinking. That's what friends are for. There for support!

I have found that for the most part, people are inherently good. We all have bad days and sometimes people get a glimpse of us at our lowest point or we see them at their lowest point. We all have struggles. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and give conflicts a day to rest..then approach it when we are not dealing with it solely out of emotion or embarrassment.

Glad things worked out for the best!

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