What Are Your FAVORITE Things?

Updated on April 09, 2011
C.C. asks from Morrisville, PA
23 answers

1. my vacuums. I have two vaccuums. My favorite is my "Shark portable vaccuum. It is light enough for my kids to carry. It has an see through canister ..no bags. 10. My color NOOK
2. happy quotes 11. my IPOD
3. riding bikes with my family 12. when the book was so good I am still thinking about it a week later.
4. reading 13. Lindt chocolate
5. scrapbooking 14. avocados
6. singing with my kids 15. chicken marshala
7. making my husband breakfast in bed
8. kindness
9. Panera's "Frontega" sandwich...yummy

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answers from San Antonio on

Baby giggles
Starbucks Peppermint Mocha
Paying bills and having some fun money leftover
The way my kids smell after a bath
The look on their faces when they get slush's
Warm nights where you play outside a bit past bedtime because it is so nice out
Going to bed next to my DH and still snuggling after 13 years

THIS POST!!! Put a huge smile on my face!

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answers from Chicago on

A day at a full-service spa, with massage, steam room, sauna, swim, and facial.

My husband and kids.

Most of my funny and fun co-workers.

Summer vacation.

Feeling the tingle in my muscles after a good day of lifting.

When Starbucks makes my coffee taste exactly how I want it to taste.

The first flowers of spring.

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answers from Eau Claire on

1.My family.
2.Cuddling up with my little guy and watching him fall asleep. Reading stories to him and hearing stories about things that happened at school. Watching him write and draw pictures.
3.Listening to my oldest talk about sports and the silly things his friends say and do. He has the silliest laugh. His stories and jokes are very entertaining.
4.My daughters personality. Her outfits she creates keep me wondering what she'll come up with next. I love her high pitched giggle and that she cares about others.
5.My hubby. He cares about my feelings and is very helpful. He loves me and compliments me even when I know I do not look my best and includes me in his plans all the time.
6.Going up to the cabin. It's my absolute fav place to be.
I love to sit in the quiet and read or ride the four wheeler and go to the beach.
7.Craft shops! I love going to craft shops and craft fairs.
8.Baking. I love to bake for my family!
10.Lindt chocolate
11.Riding bikes with my little guy. Can't believe we can ride across town now. 12. PEDICURES! 13. PAYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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answers from New York on

1. Cuddling with my son before bedtime
2. Listening to my husband read to our son before bed
3. My 30 minutes on the treadmill every night
4. The jewelry my grandmother left me
5. My grandmother's diary
6. My husband's "dance moves"- yikes, but they make me smile
7. Phone calls from my mom and sister
8. Letters from my dad (still sends me a letter every week w/ $20 in it)
9. Really nice bottle of wine- along with my feet kicked up and my husband for a quiet night
10.Monthly "mommy night" with girlfriends

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answers from Utica on

My Family and everything that comes with being a part of it

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answers from St. Louis on

The part of the night where I get to crawl into bed with hubby and put on a movie.

Starbucks coffee (peppermint mocha - and pumpkin spice when they have it!)

Holding my 5 month old - oh the smell!!

The way my husband makes me laugh - like no one else can.

Cuddling with my older kids - and when they come to ME for a hug or kiss. Hard to come by as they get older!

Massages/Pedicures - anything pampering


Online shopping - hell, just shopping generally

I love the shopping trips to someplace like Target when you don't really NEED anything - just fun shopping!

Donating things and seeing the reaction on the receiver's face when they didn't expect so much! Also, bringing my kids to help with the donations.

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answers from Chicago on

1. a quiet house with a good book and a glass of wine
2. a good massage
3. Pedicures
4. a "dressed-up" night out with my honey
5. Rocking my baby to sleep at night
6. Seeing my sixteen year old excited about ANYTHING!!!
7. Can't believe I forgot this!! ...that moment during a good run when you start to feel like all your worries have just melted away and you can conquer the world and its just you and the sun and the breeze and the road ahead!

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answers from Dover on

My kids laughing together
The way my husband smells
When he "beards me on my neck" (rubbing a few days of stubble on my neck makes me shivery)
Making people happy with food
Having my girlfriends over for dinner & staying up late hanging on the front porch drinking wine & chatting
Trying a new recipe & having it come out fantastic
The smell of the beach
Laying on the sand & the sun making my skin all tingly-hot
Mudslides (the drink, not the natural disaster)
Daydreaming about where I'd like to travel
Disney World
Saturday afternoon naps

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answers from New York on

In no particular order: reading, a good cup of coffee, going on vacation with my family, cooking and baking, really dark chocolate, Broadway musicals, listening to my son play guitar, sleeping in on Saturday mornings, long talks with my daughter, and more coffee! LOL that your vacuum was #1 :)

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answers from Spokane on

Waking up at 7am after 8+ hours of uninterrupted sleep
Those fall days where the sun is warm but the air is cool
The sound of my baby's giggles
Cuddles from my 3 year old
Debates with my 4.5 year old
When my husband absently massages my hands while we're watching tv
Anything chocolate
Singing in the car
Shopping with my girls when everyone's behaving and I have a little $$ to spend on them.

That's the short list. My husband and I made a HUGE list of things we love when we were in highschool. We 1/2 filled a regular notebook. I love that book too :o)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

1. My family
2. Having everyone in our families at our house together
3. Exploring & serendipity
4. Days when dinner is in the crock pot by 8:30
5. Twinings Earl Grey with 2 stevia packets
6. Finding a $10 BILL IN MY JEANS
7. cream of chicken & wild rice soup at Panera
8. waffles with vanilla ice cream
9. Neil Young
10. Origins Ginger Essence perfume
I could go on and on......

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answers from Los Angeles on

Massage from my husband
Red Wine
Gummi Bears
Hugs and kisses from my kids
A clean house
Talking to my Mom
Hiking with my kids
Dancing with my husband
Taking pictures
Christopher Meloni on Law & Order SVU

If I get all that in one day, I’m in heaven!

Great post =-)

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answers from Rochester on

My husband and children.
Doing anything with them, but especially taking walks.
Haribo raspberries. Milky Way Simple Caramel.
Chicken Broccoli Cheesy Rice Casserole made by my husband.
Good music.
Crocheting things for my children.
Throwing things away.
New shoes.
Video games.
Dragon Balls.

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answers from Daytona Beach on

definitely my family. really big into family.



my new cell phone :)

sonny's bbq

just dance 2 for the wii

quiet nights to myself after kids in bed.

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answers from Columbus on

My favorite thing is a feeling of accomplishment I can get after one of the following...

Marked off everything on my 'things to do' list.

Realizing a moment when I have shown my children that I love them and nurtured them and helped them deal with a problem - or just life.

Told a great joke and made some one laugh, or at least smile. Especially my husband.

Had a really artistic day

Oh yeah, and brownies.

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answers from Albuquerque on

1- A smile from either of my babies -Erases anything the day has thrown at me
2- No traffic
3- a good glass of inexpensive wine
4- A clean House
5- A kiss from the husband

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answers from Dallas on

my grandmothers ring
the ring my husband bought me
my gps
my dvr
my new computer
my car
cruising at sunset with my sweetheart
buying, providing, giving things to my kids
taking my kids places and doing things with them that make them happy and make memories for us all.
taking pictures of my kids and posting them on Facebook to share with my family that lives 6 hours away
a great cup of coffee
cold beer
people gushing over my food
slow dancing, jr high style, with my husband
sleeping in


answers from St. Louis on

1. Cuddle time with all of the kids on Saturday morning.
2. Going to watch the kids play their sports
3. going for walks with the kids (they always seem to find the strangest things)
4. Cuddle time with my hubby
5. Laying in bed hearing the crickets chirp, the bull frogs talk and the breeze blowing through the window.
6. Pretty much my all time favorite thing is doing anything with my kids and hubby. I love spending time with the kids and giving them all the attention they need so they feel loved and wanted.


answers from Houston on

in no particular order

1.my racing stroller
3.the sound of my girls laughing
4.a night with friends
5. Hugging my husband as he is in his coveralls, grown out beard, smelling like oil, when i havent seen him in a month.
6, That next morning After the "couple time" where the kids are bubbly and happy to see him.
7. A not cheap, but not pricey bottle of dark red zinfandel, from the sonoma region
8.noticing my workout is working
9. The first day of autumn when you can open the windows and turn off the air conditioning.
10.The first breath of air after getting out of a suana
11. My two year old in pig tails
12.ice skating
13. pasta



answers from Detroit on

Great question:)

1. Spending time with family
2. Eating out
3. Coffee
4. A piece of cake with buttercream frosting
5. My comfy bed
6. A warm bath
7. A nice long walk
8. Time alone to re-energize my inner self
9. Chatting with friends
10. Getting enough sleep
11. A quiet day with no drama or chaos
12. Having all my bills paid



answers from St. Louis on

1. My sons voice
2. My daughters creativity
3. My husbands lips
4. pedicures
5. Margaritas
6. Summer
7. Laying by the pool
8. reading
10. Mocha Lite Frappacinos (sp)
11. Coach tennis shoes
12.My house
13. When my kids love each other



answers from Philadelphia on

1. a hot bath and good book
2. soft batch Entenmanns chocolate chip cookies
3. Twisted Tea
4. My doggies and kitties ( love my cuddly furballs!)
5. Opening the windows to fresh air after the house has been closed up for the winter.
6. The smell of a nice spring rain
7. The way my husband makes my coffee
8. The smell of my kids after a bath
9. The sound of my kids having fun with my husband
10. How my youngest says " I Yuv you"
11. Anthony is my favorite Anthony
12. Caitlin is my favorite Caitlin
13. Alex is my favorite Alex
14. The sound and sight of my children sleeping
15. The house in the Pocono's ( my happy place)
16. Pedicures
Thanks for asking this, I really needed this. Sometimes I forget just how wonderful this insane life is.


answers from Iowa City on

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens....I couldn't resist....

In no order of importance:

1. Rain
2. Wind
3. My girls' giggles
4. My husband
5. My dog
6. Night blooming flowers
7. Laughing
8. Reading
9. Crows
10. Gummy baby smiles
11. Succulent plants

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