What Are Your 9/11 Plans?

Updated on August 30, 2011
P.S. asks from Houston, TX
13 answers

I want my family and I to do something special. We live in the suburbs of Houston and I can't decide if we will do something local or drive downtown for any ceremonies.

I am going to try and find a children's book about 9/11 to read to my 5 yo and hopefully talk with him about what happened.

I might bake a platter of goodies for our local firehouse or policehouse.

If anything, I am going to fly my flag loud and proud on this year's Patriot's Day. I hope everyone does the same.

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So What Happened?

Wow, I had no idea people felt so strongly against 9/11 plans. I do not share many of your sentiments.

Its an important day in our household and community. I'm starting to hear about plans around here, so I just assumed everyone else's community was too. I mean, if the entire NYC is making commemorative anniversary plans, along w/POTUS, schools across the nation, churches, I'm going to assume its going to be a pretty significant day in our nation and in our history, so I'm going to take notice and take part in showing support to my country.

Our 5 yo is not sheltered. We know too many soldiers who have gone to war, some have returned, some haven't, for us not to explain what is happening in our world. My son is fully aware there is a whole world out there. his world isn't just mommy, daddy, his TV shows, etc. He knows plenty about other people who want to tell him what to do and say, how to live, where to live - he understands that how he lives now is in freedom and if we let those people get their way, he will no longer have his freedom. We have shared that with him b/c we know plenty of soldiers fighting to protect us right this very minute and over my dead body I'm letting them sacrifice their lives in vain b/c of my apathy. When my son sees a soldier he KNOWS about the sacrifices that soldier and his family is making. When my son shakes a soldiers hand and tells him thank you, it is sincere.

Perhaps I'm not celebrating the fact we were attacked, but instead, I am celebrating the spirit of the American spirit in those dark days. I am so proud to be an American. I am also a naturalized American and I guess I do NOT take my citizenship for granted. I will show my support in anyway I can on 9/11. Yes, I will be talking about it w/our 5 yo and yes, I'll be doing something to show support to those who risk their lives everyday for my safety. Its the least I can do and I guess its who I am and what my family is all about.

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answers from Boston on

I will be bringing my brother and niece to Logan airport in Boston and putting them on a flight to Europe. I think it's fitting for him to have chosen 9/11. IMO it says that will will NOT live in fear or change our lives despite the radical extremists think that we should.

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answers from Houston on

I'm celebrating my daughter's 16th birthday.
We laugh about her memories of her 6th birthday. On her 7th birthday I asked her if she remembered the last one and she said "Oh yes mama. I was so sad." Being impressed with her empathy, I pressed her as to why she was so sad that day.
"Oh, mama. I had my cupcakes out to pass out for my birthday celebration at school and they made me put them away and everyone went home and I didn't get to share my cupcakes at all."
Um, yes. And about 3000 people died that day because of terrorists.
So in our house it is primarily a day of celebrating one extraordinary, amazing girl.
But we do remember.

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answers from Minneapolis on

B said it better than I could. I have no specific plans.

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answers from San Francisco on

9/11 is one of those historical moments much like the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or the assassination of JFK. It holds much deeper meaning to those who were there and remember the feelings of horror and sadness, and all the aftermath that followed.

I'd be careful about how much you share with your five year old. He's not going to really to really be able to get his head around it, and quite frankly it might scare him. My kids started learning about the historical significance of that day when they were in middle school, and even more so in high school. At that age they are much more able to grasp the events that occurred and just how much it changed America at that time.

9/11 is always remembered in our house, mostly by my husband and I, because his company had several hundred people working in the second tower, people he new personally, and we remain grateful to this day that all but one of them got out alive.

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answers from Dallas on

We don't do anything special. I will say prayers for all the families that were affected, and for our country. We choose not to live in the past. I don't think it's healthy to rip open wounds year after year. I think remembrance and respect can be paid privately, in our own home. I choose not to think of all the terrible things I remember of that day, but put my focus and prayers on the people who need it more then I need to go to a ceremony, or candlelight vigil. I will NEVER forget what happened and I don't have to rehash it every year, to keep remembering. It's just our personal preference.

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answers from Atlanta on

I have no plans. I can't ever really imagine doing anything for it. I'll always remember it and be greatly saddened by it. It would be different if I had lost someone that day.

I echo the sentiment about being careful how much you tell your 5 year old. I have a 5 year old who knows all about death and bad guys, but I think a graphic explanation of 9/11 may mess with him. My husband and I go to work in the same office tower every day, and I know he would start worrying about a plane crashing into us and wonder when he goes to high rises or gets on planes if bad guys are going to crash them. I guess it depends on the kid, but mine will develop a full understanding soon enough. We do fly our flag daily though!

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answers from Boca Raton on

I will be praying that we will never sacrifice liberty, due process and/or the rule of law (and by "law" I don't mean executive orders) for some false sense of security.

I will pray for our nation to have wisdom and discernment with regard to it's leaders, current and prospective.

I will also pray for the first responders and your every-day military family - the true heroes imho.

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answers from Lincoln on

I don't have any specific plans, but I too will always remember where I was when I found out, watching the footage in horror, coming home and watching my mom watch tv and cry. My dad gave blood, my brother was in the Airforce and so there were fears of deployment (he has served 4 deployments since then). And I think just the fear of the unknown. Does this mean war, what does this mean? etc.

I watched a cool documentary about 9/11 and what touched me the most was the reaction of the people of New York. Here in the mid west it's common to have that neighborly let's help feeling. During that time, New Yorkers bonded together in a way that the city doesn't usually. It was a time of unity.

Anyway, I don't know if we will have any specific ceremonies, but I do have to say that once I met someone from Australia who was here on business. We were at a piano bar and they played a Patriotic song and asked members of the military to stand. Everyone sang along and cheered etc. He told me that he has traveled extensively to many countries and that the USA is the most patriotic country he's been to. So here's a big thumbs up to all you patriots!! I also haven't really educated my son about it b/c I think it's too big of a topic for him yet. Have a great day and thanks for supporting our troops! :-)

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answers from Dallas on

Our city does a wonderful memorial service every year. Recognition is done for firefighters and police officers. We are fortunate to have Sam Johnson as our congressman and he does a short speech, which I always wish was longer.
We have a similar program on Memorial Day.

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answers from Savannah on

Hmm. Good question. We could make some treats and thank you for your service cards for our local fire, police, emergency personnel. Do they HAVE kids books for that day? I haven't really given it much thought, I must admit. I don't think there's anything local going on. I'll check this post later to see if there's any other neat ideas.
ETA after reading the other 13 answers: we don't generally do anything on this date, but of course think about it ourselves. We may speak a little about it, just the 2 of us. (We also take time privately every August 29 to think about Katrina and what we were doing then). But this is a 10th anniversary and it is a little different. I don't think it's a bad thing to periodically stop, think about it, take stock, and realize that life goes on. And that we need to stop and give thanks and show our gratitude or support for people who we could easily forget about or take for granted....until we need them. We need to heal, but we should never forget.
As for my 4 year old son: I would show him the picture I have of the firefighters raising the flag in the rubble, and I will explain that a terrible accident happened and how brave the emergency personnel was in trying to help people. How when everyone was trying to get away, these people were staying behind, even running in to help others. And we need to think about that. We'll talk about the rest in later years; he's too young for the whole story. I have material that is put away and not looked at.....but someday, it will be historical to those who didn't experience the pain and fear of that day. I STRONGLY believe that history is important. What lessons can be learned? Good and bad?
And we WILL be stopping by the firehouse that day.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Our community has a local remembrance ceremony which we attend.

And, yes, our flag flies proudly every day!



answers from Baton Rouge on

My only plans for the day are to audition for a play at my community theater.


answers from Washington DC on

Not doing anything special...will pay homage by saying prayers...

We will most likely go to the Pentagon or maybe Arlington National Cemetery....Not sure....may do both since they are right across the street from each other.

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