Seeking Fashion Advice on a Dress

Updated on May 06, 2009
K.L. asks from San Jose, CA
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Hi Moms,

I bought this dress at Nordstrom (see link below)

It's for a wedding that I'm going to in two weeks. My husband is the best man so he'll be in a tux.... it's a 5:30P outdoor ceremony, indoor reception wedding in L.A.

I'm wondering what type of shoes to wear (open toed, peep toe, strappy sandals) and what color and how to accessorize.... I still have a little baby weight and I liked this dress because the belt and black lines of it really seem to hide the necessary areas... Any suggestions that you have are much appreciated! (I'm quite fashionably-challenged!)

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i think peep toe is probably the best option. the dress is somewhat more conservative, so the shoes would match in style. also, the peep-toe is a little more formal than open toe.

on the other hand, i don't think any of the options is "horrid", so you'd probably be fine with any of the options.

i think a dark red, patent leather peep toe would be super sexy. :o) a dash of color at the feet with a shawl with color would really make the outfit pop.


answers from San Francisco on

Not sure I'd call myself a fashion expert either ... but if it were me I'd go with strappy black sandals, a nice pedicure with toes some shade of pink or red, and if you have long hair sweep it up with a decorative black barrette or comb. I think jewelry might be lost next to the pattern in this dress. Well, that's my 2 cents...



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Thanks for the FUN request! I feel like we're a bunch of girlfriends sitting on your bed looking in your closet -(maybe you can tell I don't get out much!) Anyway, this is what I'd wear with that beautiful dress.... thin gold bracelets, and a gold chunky ring, small (faux) diamond earrings, no necklace. Because it's a more formal evening wedding I'd wear peep toe heels in red for a nice contrast to the black and white (very french). You're going to look amazing!! Have some fun for me :)



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Hi K.,

Really cute dress...I would consider not wearing the belt. Also you may be being a little hard on yourself..the eyes will be on the bride. Have a great time with your, drink, dance, and be merry for tomorrow you change diapers!




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The dress is beautiful! Maybe you aren't as fashion challenged as you think! Nordstom has great customer service---so you could go and ask them, and they will happily help you purchase more of their products! I am thinking it is such a nice bold print, you want to keep the accessories simple, and solid. no necklaces because of the think black band at the neck---it's like a necklace by itself. A black bracelet might be nice; like a big cuff or a delicate black chain/bead type. I don't think metallics would look good with the dress. One nice thing about the styles now is that you can wear bright colored/alternative colored shoes or accessories, like a yellow, if you want to. If you want to make your legs look longer you can wear a nude colored shoe. Then it will sort of blend with your legs and it won't matter so much about what kind of straps or toe it has. If you do black shoes, I would think strappy, because of the lines on the dress...but it depends on the shoe. You can try on things at home with the dress to get an idea. But really the print is so eye catching, that people won't notice your shoes/accessories as much (unless you decide to go bright).

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