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Updated on February 02, 2007
R.H. asks from Coppell, TX
4 answers

Are there any petting zoos around here that a 2 year old would enjoy. Just looking for a place for her to see some animals - it's too cold to spend the day at the zoo.


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answers from Dallas on

Hi, R.! Not sure where you are, and not sure if it's open in the winter, but there's a really cute one in south Irving:

Well, just read this page and it sounds like it's only open in the summer. But it would be a good one to keep in mind. Sorry not to be more help!

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answers from Dallas on

Hi R.,
maybe you could contact local private animal sanctuaries. They usually welcome visitors if you call ahead. There are rabbit, turtle, cat etc. sanctuaries. Also I think if you try to contact some of those guys who advertise in dallas child magazine about animals to parties are usually educational rescues, maybe they would let you come in.
Hope this helped a bit.



answers from Dallas on

Hi R.,

There is a petting zoo at Fairfield Farms in Plano at Parker Rd and 75. The children receive a bucket with food to feed all the animals. They have sheep, goats, chickens, ponies (to ride too), ducks, geese, etc. My 2 year old just loved it and everytime we go past it she reminds me about our visit - and that was in June! Enjoy...



answers from Dallas on

I had to research to find the place that "Nancy" was talking about.. because I am interested in this also. I think it's Fairview Farms instead of Fairfield Farms. I hope this is correct (& no disrespect to Nancy). Thanks for getting us the info that you had!

So what I found is:

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