Looking for a Fun Pumpkin Picking/hayride Place in NJ

Updated on October 13, 2008
K.K. asks from Bayonne, NJ
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Hi everyone. I am looking for a cool place to take my 18 month old daughter pumpkin picking this year. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I live in Bayonne...but willing to travel.

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Thank you for all of the wonderful responses!

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I was just on line today looking for the same thing myself, but for my girl scout troop. I came across K & S Farms,831 Windsor-Perrineville Rd, East Windsor, NJ 08520. Their website is http://www.kandsfarms.com/groups.htm they have pumpkin picking, a petting zoo a hayride and more. I am planning on giving it a shot at the end of the month.

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Sun Rise Orchards in Randolph, NJ - we went last week and it was fun!



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Yes, yes, yes! :)

We just went to a great place near Morristown called Wightman's Farms (yesterday, as a matter of fact). They have it all -- apple and pumpkin picking, hayride, corn maze (and five other mazes), pumpkin slingshot (you shoot little sugar pumpkins at targets in a field) and a store with cider donuts and apple cider (hot spiced or cold), jams, jellies, preserves, pickles....

It was awesome -- we took older kids (our 10 year old and his 8 year old friend), but there were plenty of families with little kids and babies.

You can get more info and directions from their website -- www.wightmansfarms.com

I think you will really enjoy it -- this was our first time at Wightman's and we can tell you we will be going back in the future!

S. R



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We go to Colts Neck,I believe the name is Casola and they have several farms. The first on is the biggest. There are hayrides, corn mazes, face painting, shows and petting zoo. My children are 14 and 3 girls and 1 9 yr old boy. Lots of fun!! We bought 6 pumpkins(1 very large, 3 medium and 1 tiny)for only $25. Not bad. Also you may want to go to Delicious Orchards. It is alittle further down the road but their pies and fresh produce are great! Then on the way home you must stop by Big Ed's BBQ. They have the best all you can eat ribs!!! It is a very casual atmosphere. Also kid friendly. Hope you have fun!


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Hi K.,

Well I just went this Sunday and my little ones had a good time. Conklin Farms U-Pick, 65 River Road, Montville, NJ 07045. Mapquest it or GPS is great. RT 278 Exit 47 follow the signs. Open Daily 10:00am - 6:00pm. Heyrides, Hotdogs, some little treats. Some litte activities for the young ones to enjoy. Have a Great Time! :)

P.S. When you are ready for #2, send me an email. I have a formula for a boy. :)I have a girl first and my son second.



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Hi K.,
In Colts Neck, which is probably 30 min from you, the Casola family owns three farms and there is another called Brock farm. While you're there you may want to go to Delicious Orchards which is a famous fresh produce, cheeses, and pies supermarket.

Have fun! I took my 6 month old yesterday - we dressed him as a little pumpkin and got some great shots of him sitting in the pumpkin patch.



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I'm originally from Bayonne. we usually go to Chester NJ. It's great-- take rte 78... all the way out until you come to Rte. 206 exit.... Take 206 West or North.. until you reach Chester... It's a beautiful senic ride. Alstede or Ort Farms are really a lot of fun.. Look them up on the internet.. they have hayrides, farm animals.. and food to buy.. like pies, honey... have a lot of fun. go early in the day.. or after 3... during the hours 11 till 2.. it's really busy. It should take you about 1 hour and 15 minutes.. their websites probably give better directions.. good luck.. take lots of pictures...

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