Peri Optical Cellulitis HELP

Updated on February 22, 2011
J.B. asks from Silverton, CO
4 answers

My 18 month old was hospitalized on Sunday for perioptical cellulitis. He has been on antibiotics, motrin, iv due to rsv and sinusitis (and cellulitis). His eyes have gotten worse since we have been here. He can't open one and the other is a slit. So seasoned moms, have any advice? I am obviosly consulting Drs and nurses just looking to hear some advice from people who have been there. What worked, what did the experts try and how did things turn out.

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answers from Boston on

Your poor little guy! Such an ordeal for one so young, and so stressful on you as well. I've been working with many parents of young children, boosting the immune system with nutrition, in a way that does not conflict with any medications or treatments. I also just went to a conference and met a family with a young child plagued by sinus issues, who has been antibiotic-free and illness-free since she started doing this. I know they'd be happy to speak with you as well. I also got rid of cellulitis myself, as well as sinus issues. I'm a little more than 18 months old (!), but science is science.



answers from Boise on

He has a low immune system. Increasing antibiotics will wipe out his gut flora and increase fungal growth.

Cortisol is the hormone that controls immune function. High cortisol = low immunity/infections. Low cortisol= high immunity/allergies. His cortisol should be tested- it might be high- which IS the cause of lowered immunity. Ask the docs to give him a blood cortisol test.

Other syndromes that can be underlying in this problem is diabetes, renal failure, heart failure, and nueroblastoma- these can ALL be caused by high cortisol. So again I would check that out.

go to periorbital cellulitis.



answers from Pocatello on

I had that once before, the only thing that gets rid of it is MAJOR antibiotics. Don't leave it untreated or wait too long for treatments that don't seem to be working before they try something else. Its actually quite dangerous if it gets out of control, spreading quickly. I was on IV antibiotics on and off for 3 weeks because we would think it was gone and then go off the IV antibiotics to just oral antibiotics and it would flare back up. I had no major abscess or cysts just a bad infection. It did not affect my vision, and I had a full recovery.

It sounds like they have caught pretty early, just make sure that they are willing to do more tests if the antibiotics are not working.

Poor baby, it sucks when our babies are sick. Hang in there! :)



answers from Denver on

My daughter had orbital cellulitis at 17 months. It started as peri-orbital but after about 4 days of very strong, and multiple, antibiotics, she had a CT scan that showed an abcess under and behind her left eye. She was admitted to the hospital with IV antibiotics but had surgery a few days later when she wasn't responding. I don't tell you this to scare you but rather to encourage you to not wait too long to see if the meds kick in. All the docs that tended to my kid, even the initial pediatrician, agreed that we waited too long to get that CT scan. She is fine. I am fine . :-) The process was scary but had a good outcome. Please contact me for more information. I'm happy to share resources, stories, etc. My heart goes out to you; I've been EXACTLY there!

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