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Updated on May 09, 2008
R.R. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I am about to go through a divorce. My husband works overseas as a civilian contractor (not in Iraq) and is about to lose his job as well. I am going to school full time to get my degree. I still have two more years to go and am determined to do it. I've wasted too much time not. I also have two children. My oldest has Autism. We are living with my parents. I am completely broke because my husband refuses to help out with anything. He thinks since he is over there it's not his problem. I have to find a job, but am having so much trouble doing so. Josh has so many health issues that are not all related to his Autism so we are constantly at one specialist or another. not to mention he has therapies throughout the week during the day, so companies are not willing to hire me knowing I have to take so much time off. Since my husband is about to lose the health insurance he has on the kids, it's imperative I find something that has that to, otherwise I will go bankrupt before summer is over trying to pay for all the medical costs along with child care and my regular bills. I don't have much experience except in general office work, and was a detention officer for about 6 months ago 2 years ago. Does anyone have any ideas of where I can look? I've been looking at, the star-telegram, hotjobs. I'm not sure where else to look, and not sure what kind of job I can do that will let me pay what I need to and take care of my kids like I need to. I want to continue school as well because I know that after I get my degree, working in the field I want to, will make a lot of things easier and provide some relief. But that' still at least a couple of years away. In the meantime, I can't keep bringing my family down trying to help support us on top of themselves. Any help, advice, anything is appreciated! I know I need to go to a lawyer, and am working on finding a good one who has experience with families with special needs children since there is more to all of this than your average divorce. I just feel like I am in a position where there is no answer and I am so very very stressed and I hate all of this. Anyway, thanks sorry this got so long!


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Sales, if you think you can do it. Very flexible and if you get with a great corporate office they pay very well. I do not like slaes but I have 3 family members in it including my hubby and they all make 6 digits. years of experience and degrees for that money as well. K.



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Hi R.! I have no solution to your problems. I wish so much that I did! I can imagine your at your limit at this point! My heart breaks for you and I want you to know that I will be praying for you in earnest! I don't know if I will be able to help you find a job but I will certainly ask everyone I know if they are hiring or know of someone who would be willing to hire you considering your situation! Keep your chin up and I will get back to you when I find something out!




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I don't know what yhou are actually looking for, but the Colleyville Chamber has an opening for a full-time events and programs Coordinator and Nestle in Colleyville is looking for an entry level manager. Maybe one of these would work for your husband. Let me know if you need more information.



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I would apply for WIC and for assistance with insurance-Medicaid, you would qualify for all of the assistance if you aren't receiving any money from your husband and you aren't working. Have you tried looking at the Colleges and Universities for jobs? Could your Mom and Dad help out on taking your child to any of the appointments? Is there another family member or someone else who could take him to his appts? Maybe you could work in the late afternoons or early evenings.

My husband works at Jacobs and I believe the website is Check out the website and see if you are interested in any of the jobs. If you find something and want to apply, let us know by emailing us and we can go from there and I'll give you my husband's name and so he can get credit for it. He works in Fort Worth, however they have an office in Dallas as well.

We've have special needs kids before with Foster Parenting and was able to get some of the therapy to be at home. The therapists would come to our home for speech, OT and PT. Not sure if they can come for your child to your home or not, maybe that might help.

I have an atty that I can recommend, if you would like a name of one. I would highly suggested going thru an atty to get everything you are entitled to.

You might try Starbucks, they are very disability people friendly. Home Depot hires people with disabilities also. Albertson's does too. Maybe some of these places might be more understanding.

You could try an employment agency. I'm an employment consultant, however I work with people with disabilities. I would check out unemployment office and see if you can get some assistance there. Have you thought about something part time? What about the Child Study Center? They have therapy, school and Dr.'s there for special needs kids. If you work there, your child could also get therapy there and you would all be in the same building. There are located downtown Fort Worth. Have you checked out Cook's Children's Hospital or Harris Methodist Hospital?

That's all I can think of right now. I can see you are frustrated. I have a disability and I worked full time with it and it was difficult, as I had therapy and Dr. appts too. Employers don't always like that and they aren't understanding all the time with that. You are in a tough position. Sorry you are going thru all of this by yourself with your child. I know your parents are there to support you too. I wish your husband could be there to help you. Have you thought about working with ECI-Early Childhood Intervention or MHMR? Hope this helps, good luck.

I do know a family that has a child with Autism. They go to my church, I've supervised him in Sunday School. I'd have to get their permission to give out their name and number to you. If I see them, I will ask them about it. They have a 6 or 7 year old boy with Autism. It can be very challenging with Autism.

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