PLEASE HELP!!! In Dire Need of Financial Advice

Updated on May 24, 2008
E.R. asks from Mansfield, TX
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I and my husband can no longer work due to disabilities and we are
about to lose our house and car. We have hardly no money coming in and not
only is it hard for us to make payments on the house and car but we are
in a situation as to where we can't even pay the bills for our
necessities. Such as: Electric bill, insurance (medical and car), taxes for
decal to go on mobile home, hospital bills, etc. I have been stressing
over this situation for weeks and I don't know where to turn to for help.
If there is anyone with any information that can help my situation,
please, email me and tell me what I can do and where I may be able to get
some help to resolve this situation. I am desperate. Thank you,

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answers from Dallas on

I have a disability with my arms and feet. I've tried to get disability from SSI and gotten turned town 2 times. I would encourage you to go to the Social Security office and get an application in there. You can do it over the phone or go into the office and talk to a worker that way. I did mine over the phone and it was long, so I recommend going in to the office.

Have you tried for Food Stamps, WIC (for Moms that are low income and have children under the age of 5)? WIC can give you certificates to get milk and some food for each month. That will help out some, won't cover everything. At WIC, you call them and set up an appointment and bring ID and a telephone bill or bill showing proof of your address. You bring your children also to the first meeting. I would call 211, it is a helpline for people who are in need of help. There are churches that will help with utility bills and sometimes the electric companies will do this also. Catholic Charities and The Salvation Army are good places to call and check and see if they can be any of assistance.

Are you a member of a church? You might check with your church and see if they can recommend anything/talking to a minister would be helpful.

There is a support group for people with disabilities. Easter Seals is great, I would contact them, I have used them. They help you with job interviews, resume, finding a job (helping you find a job), job coaching, job placement,etc...

DARS (Dept of Rehabilitative Services) is great. You do have to show proof of your disability, once you are approved, which might take a month or so, you will be assigned a worker. They can get you equipment to help you in your workplace/accomodations, if you need them at home (if you are working from home).

I would call your hospitals and talk to a Manager in billing and explain to them the situation. Maybe they could put you on a payment plan and maybe even knock off some of the charges.

You might want to get a disability attorney. They could help you with your bills and getting disability also. A lot of them work on contingency, where you pay at the end after you get disability supplement from the government.

I would have either your attorney talk to the mortgage company and the car-bank or lender about this situation.

Are you getting Unemployment checks from the city/state?

Have you asked for help from family? Maybe they could loan you all some money and then you pay it back when you start working or getting disability checks in.

You all should be able to qualify for Medicaid insurance. I would apply for that.

Is there anything that you all could sell to a pawn shop or in the newspaper that really is a luxury?

You might check into housing-public if the mortgage company won't help you out and an atty can't help either.

If you need any phone numbers for any of this, let me know. We live in Fort Worth, so mostly we know about Fort Worth/Arlington area.

Do you have any type of savings account, 401K or money saved up for retirement to dip into? Hope this helps and good luck, we will be praying for you all. I know it can be very frustrating, we've been thru some rough financial times over the years, with my disabilities.

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answers from Dallas on

Eliz R I have a christian home based business, Creative Memories and you can work it together if you like. We have traditional scrapbook items, digital ones, slide in albums and most everyone out there takes pictures amd meeds our services. I am having a workshop in my home Fri 5/30 from 3 to 11 and I live in No. Arlington near I30 & No. Fielder. Call if interested. You make 30% and it is something YOU CAN DO - we help train you to be successful. A. C.



answers from Dallas on

First of all, call all of the companies now and let them know what is going on. They will often give you a couple of months of reduced payments to give you time to figure it out. They will tack the amount on the end and you will pay more in interested, but it is better than foreclosure or reposession.
Second, have you considered going to school to be trained for something that you can do. I'm not sure what your disability is, but if you can go to college or a trade school and get the skills you would need for a job that you can handle, you could get financial aid while you are in school. They will usually give you even for tuition and books plus living expenses. It could be a way for you to make ends meet while getting an education that could help you to overcome this situation in the long run.
Feel free to email me if you would like.



answers from Dallas on

I am also disabled. Have you applied for disability with the Social Security office? Have you applied for food stamps? Where do you live? Here in Fort Worth,TX we have some places that help with utilities and some places that also help by giving food. Are you in this area?

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