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Updated on May 17, 2007
P.M. asks from Keller, TX
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Hello I am looking for that ONE beautiful warm gold/yellow color that is neither BRIGHT or too MUTED. This color will be my main color throughout the house Can anyone suggest any colors they are familiar with that they LOVE?? I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I am painting my bathroom a seafoam green/blue and any color names are welcomed. It's so hard to determine when your on a virtual painter because the color does get skewed depending on your monitor.


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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your feedback. I greatly appreciate it.
I haven't decided quite yet. I'm gonna narrow it down to a few different samples then go from there.- Thanks-- I'm still open to more colors.


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Here is the perfect, beautiful, warm, gold/yellow color. September Leaf by Monarch. Go to Pittsburgh Paint. They are throughout the metroplex.

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I LOVE "white raisin" from sherwin williams. I had it in my other house and got compliments all the time.



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I put "Valley View" (#214) yellow in my bedroom and it turned out really well. It is just like you described - warm gold/yellow in color. It is a Benjamin Moore paint. They have a paint store in Grapevine that I highly recommend. The guys that work there are really helpful. Now my livingroom is a sage green color called "Kittery Green" (I don't know the number). This color turned out awesome! They sell sample jars if you want to test the color on your walls.



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I love the color Butter from Restoration tends to change based on the time of day...expensive but last forever...



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We have "Butter Cookie" in a lot of our house. I think it's a Benjamin Moore color. We ordered samples from Benjamin Moore then had it color matched with one of the brands at Home Depot. I think Behr. We always get compliments on the color. It's very "warm" as you described and looks great in any lighting.


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I do murals & faux finishes & happen to have my own Behr color fandex you're welcomed to borrow. I would help you with colors too, if you wanted.

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