My Son Is 3 Months Old He Has Not Received His s.s. Card or Birth Certificate!

Updated on March 05, 2011
C.D. asks from Saint Francisville, LA
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My son is 3 months old, he has not received his birth certificate or social security card yet! What do I do? I called the s.s. office & they told me I needed his birth certificate & a picture id ( hes 3 months WHAT???). I am furious, what did my hospital lose the info & not send it or something? HELP!!!! I need to get him a passport so we can go see my grandparents in Canada so they can meet him! Any advice???

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So What Happened?

I did fill out all the paperwork at the hospital, they were going to mail everything to me. I will try to call the hospital Monday & see what to do next! I did it all with my 3 yr. old & got everything no problem! I don't know, so much run around for something a government agency should of done right the first time!!! =0)

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answers from Washington DC on

I don't know how it is there, but in MD you have to buy the birth certificate - they don't just send it to you. The hospital should have registered his birth and you should have received the ss card and birth registration in the mail within a few wks.

BTW, you don't need his SS card for he passport - just his birth certificate

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answers from Las Vegas on

You have to order the birth certificate from the county recorder in the county he was born in. I think it's a total rip to charge people for a FIRST birth certificate but I had to buy my daughter's birth certificate from Arizona (it was like $10).
Arizona didn't send me a dern thing in the mail, wish they did. They didn't even tell me I had to buy the B Certificate, I found out on my own.

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answers from Redding on

Dear C.,
I work at a hospital and do all the birth certificates.
In California, all the births are actually registered through the Department of Public Health, Vital Statistics.
Birth certificates don't come in the mail. You have to go and show your own photo I.D. and purchase a certified copy. In my county, it's $15.
Many parents don't understand that the little complimentary birth certificates the hospital gives you aren't legal documents.
Many parents also think that filling out the birth certificate "worksheet" is all they need to do.
When we have babies born and discharged over the weekend, I receive their medical charts and contact the parents so they can come back in, review and sign the birth certificate. Then, I forward them to the Dept. of Public Health.
I hate to say it, but you'd be surprised how many parents can't be contacted, never call or even inquire. It makes it really difficult because the birth has to be registered, with or without a name. We have to submit birth certificates within 10 days. That can often be stretched a little bit if the parents are in touch with us and are really having a hard time actually deciding on the name or something, but births are supposed to be registered in a pretty timely fashion.
Also, in California, parents have the option of applying for the social security number through the birth certificate process. 99% of parents do it that way. If they do, the social security card automatically comes in the mail. However, again, the birth certificates never do.
I would contact the medical records department of the hospital your baby was born in so they can research it for you. Ask them who to call in your county. I work very closely with the registrar and there are ways to expedite things as far as registering the birth. You can also get a discharge summary from your baby's hospital records as secondary proof the child was born in such and such hospital as far as getting the social.
Start with your hospital. Understand that you will need to go in person to get the birth certificate. If you've been waiting for it to show up, it doesn't work that way.
When all goes as it should, birth certificates are available within 14 days of the birth and the social security card arrives by mail 3-4 weeks later.

Your baby's birth certificate might be done and you just need to go get it then take it in to social security.
You'll get it worked out.
I wish I was closer. I'd know exactly who to have you call.

Best wishes and let me know how it goes.

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answers from Topeka on

Here is what you need to do the Birth Certificate doesn't get mailed to you the SS card does (in my state)you'll have to go to the Vital Statics building take your photo ID let them know you need a birth certificate give full name they will verify their records & offer you choices on how many & sizes then you'll have a chance to look over the information then they will give you your sons B.C.I received my kids SS cards about 3 weeks after they were born,they may have lost the information,back logged,or it's still being processed through the system.I wouldn't call the hospital yet unless there is no birth record,then proceed.

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answers from San Francisco on

the s.s. card should coem soon. Perhaps they hospital has to send the information again? The birth certificate may have to be picked up at town hall. That is where we have to get ours. See if the town hall has the birth certificate and go pick it up.



answers from Cincinnati on

I dont think the ss office does birth certificates, your cities vital records department should take of that. in our town it is the parents responsibility to pick it up, they dont send it to you you. as for the ss card go to the ss office and request one. dont rely on the hospital


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Same happened to me. We moved one week after my baby was born. I got birthcertificat, but not social security card. Shes 7 and i still dont have it. They wouldnt give me an actual card, but gave me her number on a piece of paper. It just gets harder the older they get so i would do it ASAP.



answers from Charlotte on

It typically takes 16 weeks to get a SS#. Did the hospital send in the paperwork for you? Ours did.




answers from St. Louis on

when I had my little one three weeks ago, they informed me that I had to request the birth certificate 60 days after turning in the paperwork to the hospital. Then I can take it down to the SS office and get the number. It might not be the same in LA, but I've seen a few states that work like this so maybe things changed since your last one



answers from Atlanta on

We have to go to the county records office with the form signed at the hospital to pick up the birth certificate.



answers from Las Vegas on

When our children were born, we had to pick up the birth certificates from our county recorder's office. They didn't automatically mail them to us, perhaps because there is a fee to obtain copies of the certificate and also, to reduce the risk of identity theft. Perhaps this is the same policy where you live.



answers from San Francisco on


Take the bill and release papers you got from the hospital and start there. Talk to your local elected officials (hall of records, congressman) and write a consumer complaint to your biggest news paper.

Keep us posted.




answers from Springfield on

In Illinois you go the county recorder to get it. I believe I had to show an id, but I did not bring any paperwork. I would call ahead and find out what your county requires.

I the SS Office told you that you needed to bring the birth certificate and picture id, then the person you spoke to must have misunderstood. (Granted my youngest is 2 years old, but I don't think that much as changed.) I think it took a couple of months to get his SS Card. See if you can find the phone number for a local office. You could even try calling the hospital where he was born and ask them what to do. You wouldn't be the first person to do that.



answers from Burlington on

I had to bring paperwork from the hospital to the town clerk's office and pay $12 for my daughter's birth certificate. There was a form in the hospital that you could check off and that would be handled by the hospital for the ss card and it would get sent automatically to you (in about 6 weeks, I think). I didn't check this off (for various reasons, NOT a good decision) and I had to apply for her card w/ her birth cert. and immunization records from her dr. took a while to get it. Sorry for all the frustration.



answers from Detroit on

Call the hospital and look into it. When my DD was born, they provided me with all the paperwork we needed, we filled it all out before we were discharged, and that was that. The birth certificate and SS card came in the mail within 10 days. The county/city/town office where he was born might be able to assist you as well.



answers from Kansas City on

Yes, first get his birth certificate. There is a website on line, can't remember the name of it that is legit and will get you the paperwork, that you can fill out on line, then it sends it to your state's office and they will send you the birth certificate in like 2 weeks or something. You can put a rush on it if necessary. In my state we have to go to the capitol to get the birth certificates (originally) and this was better than driving there in person. Once you have that then you can get him his social security card, and maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that you did need that to get the passport. There was a paper you should have filled out in the hospital to get this. As someone else mentioned if you didn't check the box maybe they didn't process it for you. I would look up on line with SS and see what steps need to be taken. Call the hospital if necessary too.



answers from Baton Rouge on

I live in Baton Rouge, and I remember it took way too long to get both. They were back-logged with orders from people affected by Katrina & Rita (my daughter was born the following year). Not sure what their excuse is this time. No, there wasn't a charge for the birth certificate.



answers from Johnstown on

Contact the hospital and find out if they did, in fact, send his info out for you.

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