My Hersey Kisses Aren't Melting! HELP

Updated on December 22, 2011
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
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hubs made peanut blossoms with the hersey kisses last weekend, the kids unwrapped two bags worth of kisses and didn't end up using htem all. I need a last minute token gift for two people so I thought i would melt the kisses on some pretzels and put an m and m on top. I tried at 200 in the toaster oven for intervals of 10 mins and it's been over 40 minutes, I just switched over to my real oven and bumped the temp to 2:50 The kisses aren't melting, I pushed down on one and all it did was try to crumble.

CAN this treat be saved????? I'm reall exhausted and i can't think straight any more, Please please have pity on me and tell me if i can make this work.

Some of you are familiar with these treats it's different than just melting chocolate but soem of the same concepts apply. I won't use the toaster oven next time. I was just tired and trying to do too much at one time. merry crhistmas

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So What Happened?

ugg still not working. now it is softer but still cracking like i burned the chocolate.

I give up. Just angry i wasted chocolate, I'll have to pull out some new christmas dishtowels i had tucked away. oh well. thanks

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answers from Rochester on

I've never tried to melt chocolate in the oven. It only takes a minute or two in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds or so. Also, I guess I've never tried to melt a Hershey's Kiss...I use baking chocolate for things like that, or almond bark. Sorry it didn't work out for you!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I think the temp was too hot. I did mine tonight at 150 for 6 minutes and they turned out beautifully. Sorry yours didn't.

Good luck next time!!

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answers from Philadelphia on

If you do it at 350 in the oven it is no more than 2 min. I think the chocolate may have burnt already. Those frustrating nights are not fun :(

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answers from Minneapolis on

The way to melt chocolate( recommended by chefs) is using the double broiler method. You bring water to a boiling in a pan and place another pan above it with the chocolate and melt it. You don't apply direct heat while melting chocolate, maybe that's what went wrong with yours.Sorry.

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answers from Cleveland on

I think it was because you did it in the toaster oven and the chocolate was too close to the heat source or the temperature was too low and in for too long and the chocolate ended up scorched on the outside. When I make chocolate pretzel rings, the temperature is 275 for 2-3 minutes.

For those suggesting to melt the chocolate in the pan or a microwave, that won't work for what she was making. The kisses need melted just a little so that an M&M can be pushed down on top so that the chocolate fills the pretzel ring. You can google chocolate pretzel rings for the recipe (I'm on my iPod and have a hard time linking). I have been making these for 13 years.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I use Rolos and add a pecan on top.... but the idea re: the cream and double boiler sounds good!



answers from Dallas on

I'm sorry it didn't work :( I know that's frustrating!

If you try them again, use square waffle pretzels. (There is less airspace in the square ones, I've found that makes a huge difference.) Make sure you use parchment paper on the cookie sheet. Cook them in the oven at 170. Check on them after 2-9 minutes. Once they are soft enough for the m&m to push them down, they are done.



answers from Boston on

Sorry you scorched the chocolate and have to throw it out. Chocolate is very delicate and you have to use indirect, low heat to melt it. The temperature of melted chocolate should be lower than body temp - 80-90 degrees, 110 at most. You can easily melt chocolate in a saucepan or bowl that is set on top of another pan with a small bit of water in the bottom (not enough to touch the bottom of the bowl the chocolate is in). Simmer the water, pull it off the heat source and stir constantly until the chocolate melts. Alternatively, if you have a microwave you can melt it in the microwave on 50% power in 30 second intervals, stirring after each interval until it's melted. It will take under 3 minutes total in the microwave.

If you were trying to melt them on the pretzels, a minute or two might have done the trick. That said, kisses and chocolate chips have a wax on them that's designed to make them not melt easily and hold their shape so candy wafers or chocolate bars like Ghiradelli or bark are better for this. I know you gave up for the night but in case you ever try again, I hope this helps!


answers from Los Angeles on

If they're crumbling they have already exceeded their heat threshold and won't melt. Plus kisses aren't made to melt, you need chocolate specifically made to melt like CandiQuik sold in supermarkets or Wilton or other candy drops made to melt, sorry.



answers from Tyler on

So sorry! Just realized I didn't answer what you asked! Lol! It annoys me when that happens so wanted to apologize.



answers from Charlotte on

Can you dip pretzels instead? Put the chocolate along with some whipping cream in a double broiler to melt it, and then dip the pretzels.




answers from Chicago on

The kisses got dried out in the oven. You should have used a pot with a lid and melted over very low heat. If you have cream (or even milk) on hand, you can dry adding it to the chocolate. But you might want to save yourself the aggravation and throw the whole thing out. Time for bed :-)



answers from Pittsburgh on

Higher heat....crank that baby up to 350. And it will take about a minute. I make those all the time!