My 4 Yr. Daughter Says Her Bum Is Always Wet

Updated on February 18, 2014
B.C. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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We have been having this problem for a couple of months now. It normally happens in the morning. She wipes and wipes and says that it is still wet (around her anus). She has had pinworms in the past but she says that it doesn't itch, it just feels wet. What is strange is that she complains about this about twice a week and then it seems to go away. Because of this she hates taking showers. I haven't found much information on this. I am waiting for the pediatrician to call me back now, but does anyone have any suggestions. Could it be another type of parasite? People have mentioned food allergies. This is breaking my heart!

When she had pinworms the pediatrician gave us an ointment to use. She hated it so bad that she has become obssessed with lotions,soaps and oils. (this has now been about a year) She won't let me touch her after I have put lotion on my hands. She won't kiss her brother if I have used lotion on him. She hates using shampoo because she can't stand the idea of it touching her bum (anus) We have had to shower her with a towel wrapped around her waist in order to "catch" the soap Could this be another obsession?

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answers from Chicago on

I'm wondering if she doesn't have cervical mucus and that wet feeling is what she is feeling. My 4 yr old DD frequently confuses her vagina and her butt.

It may be that she just has a lot of cervical mucus and she always feels wet.

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answers from New York on

Not to be funny, but how about some powder, or desitin. Maybe she is sweaty and gets damp. Teen boys sometimes get "swamp butt" too.

F. B.

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answers from Boston on

Do you mean the area around where her urethra is, where she pees? It's supposed to be damp! Or do you mean around the anus and she's wiping after she poops? These are areas that are within folds of skin, and they trap moisture, including sweat. She may also be over-wiping and causing irritation from the toilet paper. But I'm thinking, if she hates taking showers, that there may be a sensory issue. Do you notice this with other things? Are there things she hates to touch or have touch her, certain foods or textures she won't eat?

She could have some food allergies but I've found that extensive food elimination diets are so difficult, expensive and ineffective. A friend's child had 60 food allergies and after years of eliminating/avoiding, they found a simple supplementary approach that got rid of everything. I spend a lot of time educating people on ways to improve the cellular structure of their bodies, boost immunity, etc., and we've seen tremendous results in kids particularly who have any sensory issues, learning issues, and so on. So if she's tending to fixate on this, you might want to get back to me.

I doubt there's a huge medical cause for this since it seems to be ongoing, and I'm guessing your pediatrician will not have much to offer in this regard.

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answers from Kansas City on

Ointments would still feel moist. I would try using CORN STARCH, instead of talcum powder. You could put it on a "powder puff" and she could apply to herself. It feels so dry, smooth and soothing and causes no harm. (Use of talcum powder has theoretically been associated with ovarian cancer)

Cotton panties will be more absorbent than nylon or synthetic and allows for more air flow.

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