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Updated on December 19, 2015
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Any ideas or suggestions mamas & papas? My DS aged 5 will dig at his bottom through his pants and underpants without even realizing he is doing it. It is unseemly. There is no rash or heat rash. We switched from cotton briefs to "go dry" althletic boxer briefs to make sure it wasn't a question of his being too sweaty. He doesn't have skid marks so I am pretty confident he's getting a clean wipe.

I've been putting some powder in his pants in the mornings and after he showers for the past week but it doesn't seem to be helping.

F. B.

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answers from Lakeland on

Just because there aren't any skid marks doesn't mean he is not cleaning himself well. He is still young so maybe try some moist wipes after he uses toilet paper, this way you know his behind is clean.

It could also be a habit that he doesn't realize he is doing or fabric/detergent irritating his skin.

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answers from Portland on

My grandson complains of having an itchy anus. I give him Lanacane, anti-itch cream medication. The itch is gone in 2-3 days.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Has he been checked for pinworms?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Do you use a 'free and clear' type of laundry detergent?

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answers from Miami on

Has he been checked for pinworms? You can do it yourself - when he is sleeping use a flashlight to look around the anus. Here is more info:

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answers from Portland on

That's what came to mind too for me - pinworms. Is it worse at night?

You can check the toilet or his underpants or even his bum at night time and look for them.

Now sometimes my kids have had itchiness there and it just passes - sometimes after they've had looser stools that were irritating etc. Maybe just check his toilet after he goes (without big production - not that you would) to see if anything's up.

If it is that, they are easy to treat - I remember my family had them as kids - they are quite easy to pick up as can last a long time on surfaces. And easy to spread on towels etc. but easy to treat. I think we just took pills and it was dealt with quickly.

Good luck :)

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answers from Spokane on

Hi mama
have you checked for pinworm? Best way to check for them is use a flash light and check for them in the morning or late at night, that's when they tend to lay eggs. Or even use a clear tape and if they are available they will stick to the tape then you can take him to his dr for treatment...if no worms, itching could also be a sign of another problem like dryness from cleaning the area vigorously with soap, if you check the area might be red and warm to touch from him itching too much. Check your soaps. If the itching don't go away maybe use benedrlyn cream it helps a lot just part dry the excess water and air dry the rest then put the cream it soothes if this don't work just take him to the dr...

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answers from Austin on

Is he actually feeling an itching sensation, or could this be just a habit like picking one's fingernails or cracking knuckles? Does he itch anywhere else? If it's a habit, give him something to squeeze, like a small rubber ball. Does he only itch his bottom at certain times (when reading, or after meals, or when he's bored or feeling anxious)?

Have you tried switching to one of those "free and clear" detergents, with no fragrance or dyes, and not using fabric softener?

The type of powder matters. Don't use one with fragrance or cornstarch, or scented baby powder. Try something like Gold Bond or something that your pharmacist can recommend that is specifically for itching.

If he really is itching just in that area, you may need to talk to his doctor.

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answers from Las Vegas on

if not pin worms.. YEAST.. which needn't show a rash or redness.. however, if there is an abundance of it in the gut, it will manifest in your typical yeast infections as seen in females, but also in one's bottom.. and too, not only females have yeast issues, but so can males.. if a person eats a lot of sugar, white flour products, fermented foods, the yeast love that stuff and can build up in the system because of it... Drinking lots of water to help cleanse the body is helpful and in my case, I have taken Caprylic acid tablets. they really helped.. but read up about that before you take them.. if anything, water will definitely help a lot if in fact it is yeast over-growth..

good luck

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answers from Norfolk on

Has he been checked for pin-worms?
They are fairly common.
They can be super itchy but they are easily treated with the right medication.

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answers from Washington DC on

sounds like pinworms.........

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answers from Boston on

Are you sure about the powder? Our pediatrician told us it's a leading cause of yeast growth and not to use it. I realize you're not seeing a rash yet, but still...

I agree to check for pinworms.

Is the seam of his underwear getting up in his butt crack? Sometimes looser pants aren't better, you know?

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answers from Phoenix on

Yikes. My first thought was pinworms because my friend had the same issue with her daughter. It's icky but treatable.

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answers from Miami on

Vaseline. Put vaseline on his behind and that will help.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I'd help him in the shower and make sure he knows how to wash it right. Get him a scrunchy on a handle and he can reach all the parts with pressure to scrub it. I use Gold Bond powder. It kills the itch and if you don't use a ton of it then it doesn't smell strongly.

My first thought was he's not rinsing the area well enough.

My second was laundry supplies.


answers from Phoenix on

My first thought was worms too. Good luck.

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