Looking to Switch Electricity Provider

Updated on August 29, 2007
E.K. asks from Plano, TX
6 answers

any recommendations? I'm thinking of switching since mine is going up - heard of Ambit?

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answers from Dallas on

We've used Reliant for about 4 years at least. We've never had any issues and good customer service.

As far as the bill going up.....my hubby installed a lot more insulation this year (about $2000 worth) and we use Hunter ceiling fans in every room. We keep the temp around 78. Last year at this time, my bill was $600 and this last bill for Aug was $430. We think the extra insulation he put in has made a difference. The builders just put in enough insulation to make "code". We feel much more comfortable this year.




answers from Austin on

Hi Elaine! I got your name from Shellie Sanders - I recently met her at a winery in McKinney. I live in San Antonio, but was visiting a friend up there. While having wine, I got to talking about this company that I work for - Stream Energy. We are an electric provider - same as Reliant, TCU, etc. We have GREAT rates & offer a FANTASTIC job opportunity! Several of my friends have recently quit their jobs so they can stay home with their kiddos! Working for Stream allows them to continue to make enough money so they can stay home! Although I don't have any kids myself (I'm a 4th grade teacher, so all my kids go home at 3!), I am hoping to be able to stop teaching next year and devote all my time towards this business opportunity.
Please call me at ###-###-#### and I will explain more to you. I'll need your zip code and will be able to tell you our rates and will also be able to switch your electricity provider at that time. In the mean time, visit my website at www.mduran.igniteinc.biz - there is a short video you can watch. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Mindy Duran



answers from Dallas on

I have TXU also. It was terrible this month, but I switched about 2 yrs ago and the fees that the other place charged (monthly surcharges,etc.) ended up costing about the same.
I wanted to change last summer because our bill got so high, but if you think about it, this has been our hottest month this summer, and it was bound to go up. Just keep that in mind.
Here is a good website that compares all of them.



answers from Dallas on

We used Reliant for several years and were happy with the service, but my hubby always keeps a look out for lower prices, so we currently use Amigo Energy and are fine with them as well.


answers from Dallas on

Not that this applies to you but I have my utilities with the City of Garland and my bill was VERY high this time. Upon looking closer at my bill, I found that my water bill had tripled!! They came out today and did a recheck on the reading. I hope so!



answers from Dallas on

We switched to Cirro. The avg. price per kilowatt is 12.34 cents. We were paying about 14 cents per kilowatt. We should save about $500 this year. Our house is about 2400 sq. ft.

The only issue with Cirro is that they do not use any "Green" sources of power. Most of their power is from coal.

I used a website that helps you compare electric companies. I cannot remember which one but it was like www.electricitytexas.com.

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