Looking for Yorkie Puppy for Christmas Surprise!

Updated on September 11, 2009
K.L. asks from Lockport, IL
4 answers

We are seeking a breeder to buy a Yorkie puppy from for our daughters for Christmas. We live in Lockport, Il. but are willing to consider breeders outside our area. Ideally, the puppy would be born soon and ready for holiday delivery.

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answers from Chicago on

I just wanted to give a little advice based on my experience. I got a dog (rescued) in December. He was a little older but still a puppy and needed potty training. It was very difficult to potty train him in our area's cold weather. Chicago weather gets bitterly cold and there were some days he'd just refuse to go out.

Maybe you can tell your family that you are going to get a new puppy (at Christmas as a gift) but not pick up your puppy in the spring? (Maybe write a letter to them about how "santa" selected the perfect puppy but s/he needs to grow a bit more. Give yorkie stuffed animals until their puppy is ready, etc) It would be so much easier on you and your family. New puppies are like babies. They need contant attention and potty training.

Good luck finding your special little pup!



answers from Chicago on

You should always try to get a dog from the Humane Society. Alot of breeders keep their animals in deplorable conditions.



answers from Chicago on

I agree with the first poster Laurie B. Humane Society is the way to go, you'll be surprised what these breeders do to these dogs.



answers from Chicago on

Hi K.,

You sure got some downer responses, didn't you? We are actually looking for something similar for Christmas and decided our first place to look would be petfinder.com. It offers a lot of options, mainly adopting from shelters--but with a wide variety of ages (including puppies). We decided to go that way because it's less costly than breeders. However, if you find out some great information, I'd love to hear it! Who knew it would be such a huge job, looking for a pet to add to the family? Good luck!


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